World of Warcraft Minis

13 07 2009

As I’m not a World of Warcraft player (tested it once, liked it a lot, but dropped due to time constraints) I had never heard about World of Warcraft Minis before… but it’s an interesting board battle game counterpart:

Pretty good.
The only bad thing on the video, and this seems to be a constant on regular news, is that image they try to pass that RPG players ALWAYS have to be geeky like that, knowing every bit of absurd strategies and rules of the game, talking in some weird language no one else understands.
Something that ends up generating a bad image and making possible new player wary of the whole thing.
Back some 10 years, me and a bunch of friends decided to give RPG a try… 8 people, just a couple of them had previous RPG experience.
We came up with a very simple system based in both GURPS and AD&D, but WAY simpler (using Marvel characters), and had lots of fun with it.
I’ll write more about it somedays… but I think it’s sad sometimes people won’t try playing an RPG system… board games, card games and others… just because of that image some people make of it.

Source: TechEBlog