Steam Holiday Sale!

27 12 2008

It’s kinda hard to explain how difficult it is to write new articles right now, given the conection speed and other stuff I’m in right now… but I had to find a way of making this post.

Steam Holiday Sale

Steam Holiday Sale

Steam once again with it’s crazy sales!
You know, you could buy Bioshock or Portal for 5 bucks! A really good deal.
Even new games like Left 4 Dead have 25% discouts…
Sale end in January 2nd. Hopefully, ‘till them I’ll have a secure and fast conection so I can buy Left4Dead and Bioshock….
Check the official Steam Holiday Sale webpage.

Source: Kotaku

Bargain: Portal

29 08 2008

Quick note to those looking for a good game bargain!



Acclaimed game Portal from Valve has it’s price slashed for a nice weekend deal… this weekend only, and only if you buy it using Steam.
Price gone from 19,90 bucks to 9,90!
Really recommend for those who didn’t play or didn’t already buy it… it’s a mix of puzzle with fps that worked! (I bought it on pre-launch day, using Steam)

Source: IndieGames