NicoNico (DisneyLand) Electrical Parade

27 01 2009

Dunno if I should be posting this… few people will understand…

NicoNico Electrical Parade is a MAD video using DisneyLand Electrical Parade mixed with tons of NicoNico/2ch memes… so it’s for hardcore otaku understanding only.
But at least, for non-otaku, it probably will be entertaining, in a weird sort of way. 😛
It has at least some memes I already posted here… Touhou Ronald (br), Timotei, Yukkuri Shite Ittene (br), Angry German Kid, nipah, Natraps X… and some I have yet to write a post about. xD

Video is, of course, from Nico Nico Douga… but for some reason it was censo- erased there, so…

Source: SankakuComplex (NSFW)