Sushi Yama

26 10 2008

A mountain of sushi, if I’m not mistaken? 😛 Quick post about another japanese restaurant I visited.

Sushi Yama

Sushi Yama

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24 04 2008

Went once more to restaurant Go! for dinner. This time, I ordered “yakissoba”.
When the plate arrived, my jaws almost dropped to the ground… see for yourself:
When I saw the waitress bringing it to me, I thought it was a tray, and the “yakissoba” was actually in a plate on it… seriously! I couldn’t eat everything.

For today’s bonus pics, there was this exposition on Estação Shopping, themed: “Samurai”, promoted by Niten Institute. It’s a Kenjutsu (sword fighting style founded by Miyamoto Musashi) and samurai philosophy school (click to see the rest of the post):
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My dinner today…

16 04 2008

…was at Go!, a restaurant in Estação Shopping, Curitiba city (Brazil).

Here’s a pic:

hmmm dil�ça!

Note that I had already eaten a “califórnia” (one of those 3 little tires there), and 4 “mini-makizushis”… smaller versions of the little tires.

The special up on top of the plate is delicious… to be eaten last, without shoyu (soy sauce).

I recommend! It’s R$18/19 (9USDs) approximately, called “Hitori Sushi”.