ImprovEverywhere – The Mp3 Experiment Six

24 06 2009

Even though it’s been some time since last I posted about ImprovEverywhere, they are still out there doing some very nice social events.
So, here’s another mp3 experiment (number six) by them:

Very nice!
I know it may look kinda weird or even dull to some, but it’s something different and far more productive than other past times nowadays… I wish we had something like that to do sometimes here in Brazil too.
Maybe someday I’ll be in a position to propose stuff like that too… working for some mass media or something. 😀
If nothing else, a social event like those mp3 experiments promotes friendly interaction among strangers, and something that really makes me admire the effort: no racial, gender or age discrimination, even if only for some minutes.

Source: Gizmodo