Fruits Basket theatrics – by all male cast??

31 10 2008

Quick news: famous manga/anime Fruits Basket is getting a stage play… with an all male troupe. O_O

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Quoting AnimeNewsNetwork:
“Gekidan Studio Life is aiming to open the production in The Galaxy Theater in Tokyo on February 25 for a two-week run. In an attempt to cast unknown actors looking for their professional stage debuts, the theatrical company has been holding auditions from October 1 to November 28. “Healthy males 23 years old or younger” can audition, although a guardian’s permission is required for minors.”

I know this isn’t unusual for a japanese play… those who know something about japanese culture will remember that Japan has a historic background where live plays could only be done by male actors.
But I dunno if I’d be able to overcome my own prejudices to watch this play… even Fruits Basket being one of my favorite animes of all times… XD

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork