Nendoroid Miku and Teishoku

16 01 2009

Late last year I found a japanese restaurant here where I live (Curitiba-Brazil) that serves traditional japanese Teishoku… which are “meal kits” that has different stuff to compose a complete meal.

Miku Teishoku

Miku Teishoku

Sorry for the bad pic… the restaurant was full, we got this table next to the kitchen which was in a badly lighted area… and I use a cellphone cam, so… 😛

But anyways, the meal was very nice. Chicken didn’t look so great but it tasted ok.
I had better teishokus in other brazilian cities, but this one wasn’t bad… just not great. 😛

It’s unusual in Brazil, though very common in Japan… in Brazil when you say “japanese restaurant” it’s usually sushi, sashimi or yakissoba.

Ever tasted japanese teishokus? Do you like them?

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