Abandonware – Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty (PC)

4 03 2009

Real Time Strategy fans: This is how everything began!
Dune 2 was one of the first real time strategy games. It defined several elements still present on new RTS games.

I first played this game years and years ago… still on my teens. The game is from 1992.
So I didn’t know much of Dune… didn’t watch the series or movie, didn’t read the book… but the story was compeling nonetheless.
You get to choose between 3 “races”… I still remember the names: House Atreides, House Ordos and House Harkonnen.
Ordos was the one I played least, Atreides was not too bad, but Harkonnen was my favorite… probably because of it’s suicidal vehice that could do massive damages to the opponent’s base.

So, there you are! Was an awesome game, I remember spending several months playing it!