CQC Special Effects

26 06 2009

While doing a video documentary for my Journalism course, I decided to research a bit about some special effects used on a famous brazillian show (though there’s also a version in Argentina and Portugal) called CQC (Custe o Que Custar) which mixes comedy with journalism and a specially acid criticism to brazilian politics/culture.
Their effects looks kinda simple, but very funny:

Well, turns out it’s not that simple, so I ended up not learning how to do it… they hire an speciallized studio to do it.
I’m guessing you can do something similar with After Effects, some filters and Photoshopping, lots of keyframing, and patience… I even found a tutorial that has the same general idea entitled “Video Copilot’s Demon Face Warp” but I didn’t have the time to watch and apply it so…
Maybe sometime later, but it was worth for the laughs!