Abandonware – Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty (PC)

4 03 2009

Real Time Strategy fans: This is how everything began!
Dune 2 was one of the first real time strategy games. It defined several elements still present on new RTS games.

I first played this game years and years ago… still on my teens. The game is from 1992.
So I didn’t know much of Dune… didn’t watch the series or movie, didn’t read the book… but the story was compeling nonetheless.
You get to choose between 3 “races”… I still remember the names: House Atreides, House Ordos and House Harkonnen.
Ordos was the one I played least, Atreides was not too bad, but Harkonnen was my favorite… probably because of it’s suicidal vehice that could do massive damages to the opponent’s base.

So, there you are! Was an awesome game, I remember spending several months playing it!

Abandonware – Bare Knuckle / Streets of Rage (SEGA Genesis)

2 02 2009

Awesome game I played tons and tons of times with my cousin Rodrigo…

I remember we liked it a lot because it was one of the first side scroll fighting games that allowed interaction between the players to boost the attacks!
Oh yeah… it was actually Bare Knuckle playing in a Mega Drive… but you get the drill.

Off-topic: Why is it so f* hard to get a nice video that doesn’t have some idiot talking through it?
Wasted almost 20 minutes opening tens of videos to find one that doesn’t have someone trying to “review” it ruining the mood for us who like them good old games. [/rant]

Abandonware – Ice Climber (NES)

28 10 2008

I remember playing this one a lot on the NES.
A classic. In fact, so much a classic that even the game being this old, the characters are still there on Super Smash Bros.

Abandonware – Eye of the Beholder (PC)

24 10 2008

It’s, I guess, one of the dead gaming genres (dungeon crawlers). Eye of the Beholder was the first one I played.
Friends couldn’t understand how I managed to not get lost since I moved very fast… guess it’s something everyone eventually does after getting used to it.

Abandonware – Black Belt (Master System)

19 10 2008

Used to play this one A LOT with my cousin… freaking hard!

Quest for Glory 2 – Remake!

28 08 2008

Essa é pros gamers véios… 😛

Quest for Glory 2

Quest for Glory 2

Pessoal da ADGInteractive concluiu o remake de Quest for Glory 2 (Hero’s Quest), e está disponibilizando gratuitamente no website deles.
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Quest for Glory 2 – Remake!

28 08 2008

Special for old gamers… 😛

Quest for Glory 2

Quest for Glory 2

ADGInteractive just finished Quest for Glory 2 remake (Hero’s Quest), and made it available free on their website.
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Those were the days!

27 04 2008

Sorry for my absence yesterday, but I was completely busy… I’ll compensate for it today!

This one goes to all gamers, specially those my age.

This incredible video from GameTrailers website, does a top 10 years in gaming.

Sit back on your chairs, grab up the popcorn, and prepare yourself for a wild ride:

GT Countdown
(sorry everyone, but WordPress.com still doesn’t support GameTrailers videos embedding. Just click the image to go to the video webpage)

Just tell me the truth: Got all teary eyed, didn’t you? So many great memories…
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