Hatsune Miku – Who’s that Girl?

6 08 2009

I’ve been posting tons of Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid content, so it’s natural for people to ask questions like:
“Which anime is she from?”
“Who’s that girl?”
…and stuff like that.
LOTS of people ask and get asked that question everyday, so someone decided to make a video explanation:

Hatsune Miku IS NOT an anime character (there’s no official manga or anime… yet), she’s actually a character developed to represent a specific voice on a voice synthesizer app called Vocaloid, which also has tons of other characters and voices.
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Discussão Anime: Haibane Renmei

5 08 2009

De um dos meus criadores favoritos, Yoshitoshi ABe, Haibane Renmei é o anime que vamos falar sobre neste post da série de Discussão Anime!

Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei

A série Discussão Anime é focada em temas complexos ou adultos (não no sentido erótico ou violento), um pouco para servir de recomendação para
The Anime Discussion series is focused on animes with temas mais sérios da animação japonesa, e um pouco para que você possa mostrar para amigos/pais/parentes que animes não são só para crianças.
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Exploding Water Bubbles

4 08 2009

A neat scientific experience showing how to create hydrogen using electricity, salt and water only.
And since hydrogen is a flammable gas, you get exploding bubbles on water.

This could be the very basic principle of making a car fueled with water.
Of course, tons of obstacles and energy efficiency issues to solve before getting there… but still.

Source: YouTube Browsing

Roll Roll Pirate! (Browser)

4 08 2009

Roll Roll Pirate! by DevilishGames is an obstacle course game in which you are a ball pirate(?) trying to recover your tresures which were scattered through several islands.

So, what’s different on this game? The control scheme!
At first, it looks awful to control… since you mainly have a foward and backward movment, but the left and right arrow rotates the whole island!
But when you get past the tutorial island and start playing, you’ll understand why the controls are made that way!

Try it out at CandyStand’s Roll Roll Pirate! webpage!

Source: IndieGames

Li-ON Laptop Battery Explosion

4 08 2009

Here’s a very interesting demonstration of what could happen with your laptop in certain conditions (faulty battery, extreme heat or intense physical damage/puncturing), given it uses a Lithium-ion battery:

This was a controlled experiment where the battery was “prepared”… probably overheated.
If you follow the news, you probably already heard of at least a couple of cases where laptops suddenly caught fire and exploded. And this is why.
The contents of a Li-ON battery, a common type of battery for mobile devices, are extremebly flammable and can ignite (start a fire) or even explode if they are violated or overheated.
But don’t panic… you don’t need to throw your laptop and cellphone off… it’s still a very very rare occurance. I myself only heard of about 5 cases involving laptops and cellphones, which is nothing if you consider how many of them are out there.
Still, if you wanna play it safe, just DON’T buy cheap chinese pirate batteries, and if some weird accident happens with your mobile device… like it being punctured by some sharp pointy thing or you dropping it in a fireplace, keep your distance for a while… just to make shure it won’t explode.

Source: YouTube Browsage!

Hatsune Miku – The World is Mine

4 08 2009

Among all Vocaloid musics and adaptations, some has reached fame with dedicated artwork, figure and others.
I’ll be posting some of them here since it’s obligatory on otaku curriculum to know them… xD

The World is Mine is one of them! 😀
Pay attention to the lyrics! xD
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I Can Has Cheezburger – Window Cleaning Cat

4 08 2009

When windows needs some cleaning, call WINDOW CLEANING CAT!

Kinda look like he’s dancing or something too… xD

From I Can Has Cheezburger YouTube Channel.
Also visit I Can Has Cheezburger website!

1997 Delta II Rocket Explosion

3 08 2009

Ever cried over some money you spend on something useless? I suppose we all did at some point in our lives…
Well, to make your concience better (or even worse if you’re and american tax payer), here’s the explosion of a Delta II Rocket that was taking a $45 million GPS satellite in it:

Oooh, and just imagine the fortunate 24 car owners that saw their vehicles turned into a pile of molten metal and glass on that parking lot?
Most expensive fireworks show ever? Unfortunately not.

Source: TechEBlog

Star Wars Sound Effect with Slinkies

3 08 2009

If you still have metal slinkies, here’s a video showing how to do some laser rifle shooting effect from Star Wars:

In Brazil, finding a slinkie is something of a rarity… even more if it’s a metal one.

Source: TechEBlog

Philip Glass – Metamorphosis Part Two

3 08 2009

Another minimalist piece by Philip Glass.

Simple yet powerful music.

You know those songs that for some reason are part of your life and will follow you forever?
The ones you always get back to on happy and sad days, like an old friend?
Well, this is one of those for me, and part of a series of posts I’m calling my permanent playlist.