Cybraphon – Emotional Music Playing Robot

31 07 2009

Meet Cybraphon, an emotional musical robot that plays music according to it’s mood:

The mood is set by a number of Internet statistics, ranging from popularity in Google to comments on it’s MySpace page.
Kinda interesting as an art installation.

Source: Gizmodo

Dustpan Roomba

30 07 2009

From iRobot, a Roomba mod designed to help people grab stuff on the floor:

Pretty interesting for people that, for some reason (disabilities, sickness, lazyness) needs help picking up stuff on the floor. 😀

Source: Gizmodo

TAT Augmented ID

29 07 2009

Interesting app concept for cellphone that mixes face recognition with augmented reality to display contact information:

The augmented reality part seems interesting yet not very useful for a cellphone cam (IMO), but even so, I guess this will truly become interesting once we have Augmented Reality glasses or lenses… 😀
Imagine walking on streets while being able to retrieve people’s contacts here and there…

Well, this might also be pretty terrifying actually… for those concerned about privacy.

Source: Gizmodo

Coke Freestyle Beverage Dispenser

23 07 2009

Here’s the latest most advanced coke machine currently being tested:

It has touchscreen interface, has an advanced technology originally developed for dialysis and cancer drugs, with great precision, and is connected to a computer to make maintenance easier and allow new recipes to be included.

Source: Gizmodo

Ink in Motion – Solar Cell Display

22 07 2009

From company Neoluxiim, an e-ink display powered by solar cells:

Pretty nice! Could be a future replacement for large advertising displays that usually spends lots of energy and sometimes are annoyingly bright…

Source: Gizmodo

Albert Einstein Realistic Robot

18 07 2009

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego are working on this impressive Albert Einstein robot, which is learning through a self-guided process on how to make facial expressions:

Like most things robot, this one is also scary, or scary-awesome! 😛

Source: BombounaWeb

Digital Booth Babe

17 07 2009

Princess Leia won’t need your help, but Epson and 3M needs your money if you also want some quality rear projection just like the one used to get people’s attention to this digital booth lady:

It’s not quite a holographic projection, but still…
Anyways, Epson is behind the high quality projector, and 3M developed a film that allied to a thin glass that reproduces the optimized projection of the booth lady.