BMW Assembly Plant Footage

30 03 2009

BMW Munich gives us a visual lesson on why unemployment rates are so high these days… 😛

I imagine we’ll have to rethink ways of earning money in a future where production lines are all completely occupied by robots. I hope by then all countries will have adjusted their education systems so everyone can get a job on their areas of expertise… read “utopia”. 😛

Source: Gizmodo

Discussão Anime: Planetes

13 03 2009

Enquanto não estou no direito de dizer muito sobre Planetes, já que só assisti uns 2 episódios, estou escrevendo para defender uma vez mais como Animes não deveriam ser considerados simples “desenhos para crianças”.



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Google Street View Sightings (NSFW)

12 02 2009

Like some other Google apps, Street View also caused some discussions regarding privacy.

Meanwhile, we the indiferent people, can laugh, cry and be disgusted by some amusing sightings published by gadget news source Gizmodo.
Note that some images might not be very adequate to see during meals… 😛
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Food Fight

8 02 2009

Can you imagine historic war scenarios re-enacted by… food?
Well, Stefan Nadelman can!

I bet you could recognize some of them, but if you want the full list and more info, check the Food Fight official website!
Notice Stefan makes it clear that this is an American-centered view of the events, so don’t take this too seriously…
Though I think this is a much more efficient way of making people learn about those wars, the video has no intention of making an accurate representation of the historic events. 🙂

Source: Member NaKAhi70 News post at

Figures: Importar ou Comprar no Brasil?

27 01 2009

Os fãs de figures no Brasil provavelmente já se fizeram essa mesma pergunta: Comprar figures no Brasil (no bairro da Liberdade principalmente), ou comprar em lojas de figure online fora do país?

Nendoroid Saber Lion / Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy

Nendoroid Saber Lion / Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy

Com essa pergunta em mente, resolvi conduzir uma experiência. Neste post, relato os resultados dessa experiência.
Para aqueles que não se interessam por figures mas pretendem comprar algo no exterior, talvez valha a pena conferir a matéria mesmo assim… pois as regras são as mesmas para praticamente todos os produtos importados.
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Did You Know? – Shift Happens

24 01 2009

Interesting video from Did You Know? series with lots of surprizing statistics…

Source: Member tintin-san News post hijacked by Danny at

Fat Princess

19 01 2009

Ever heard of a game called Fat Princess?

Fat Princess

Fat Princess

It’s a neat little capture the flag game that’s comming for Playstation 3’s PSN (Playstation Network) this year…
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Raid Gaza!

7 01 2009

Yet another controversial game.. this one is even worse for using a theme that’s still fresh on the news.

Raid Gaza!

Raid Gaza!

But I guess it’s a pretty neat game if you forget about the theme.
Not very nice for mocking people who are suffering though…
Click the image or the link to Raid Gaza! Newgrounds page.

Source: Kotaku

Intervention – Video Game Addict

5 01 2009

Supposedly, a case of Video Game addiction.

But I’m not convinced.
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Street Fighter: A Lenda de Chun Li

4 01 2009

Street Fighter vai ganhar um novo filme…

…que não parece tão ruim quanto o ultimo, mas… como posso dizer?
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