The Book of Eli

29 07 2009

As I just finished playing Fallout 3, I decided to make a post about this upcoming Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman movie called The Book of Eli:

Also happens in a post apocalyptic future, and lots of fans are comparing the movie with Fallout 3… but I suspect that almost every post-apocalyptic movie will have stuff comparable to Fallout 3, since the theme has very distinguishing characteristics, such as: destroyed buildings, a “sole survivor” hero that can save humanity, lots of guns and weapons, etc etc. Like in Madmax, I am Legend, and several other tales.
And I’m very happy with all this because I just love post-apocalyptic stories. Battle Royale and Dragon Head are a couple of very nice mangas I can quote on this, and post-apocalyptic stories are close to my favorite literature genre too: Dystopic futures. Like 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, etc.
Also, I won’t judge which is best, which is better, because it’s all about personal taste… but I find it difficult for any 2 hour long movie reflect everything Fallout 3 has. Politics, portraits of common people living that era, the moral choices you have to make, prejudice and personalities we have on the game and stuff like that.
Still, having the Man on Fire Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in a post-apocalyptic movie… what more can I ask for?

Source: Kotaku

Koroshiya Ichi (Ichi the Killer) (Gore)

11 07 2009

From famous japanese director Takashi Miike, known for using extreme violence (including sexual), japanese mafia (yakuza) and other morbid themes in his movies, here’s Koroshiya Ichi:

Part of the b-rated bloody gushing japanese movies culture, Ichi the Killer is probably the most controversial Takashi Miike movie.
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Michael Jackson

26 06 2009

Pensei em escrever algo ontem, mas uma febre me pegou em cheio… 😛

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Este post vai para Michael Jackson, que ele finalmente descanse em paz!
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Jeff Dunham – Achmed, O Terrorista Morto

23 06 2009

Para quem achava que teatro de marionetes era um treco que só tinha graça pra crianças…

Chorei de rir! xD

Fonte: Pessoal do curso de Jornalismo que passou pela lista de discussão. 😀

Assalto a Banco – Caixas Eletrônicos em São Paulo

12 06 2009

Esse impressionante assalto a banco aconteceu na Zone Leste de São Paulo:

Uma loucura! Assaltos ousados a bancos no Brasil estão ficando cada vez mais frequentes.
Sinal que o crime está ficando cada vez mais organizado no Brasil, que é só mais um reflexo da impunidade…
Fiquei sabendo do acontecido por canais internacionais… resolvi ajudar com as informações.

Fonte: Gizmodo

A História das Coisas

27 05 2009

Um vídeo que é principalmente alarmista, mas tem várias coisas interessantes para refletir sobre:

Eu sei que a mulher constrói artificialmente, inventa e simplifica demais várias políticas e costumes complicados que não são tão preto e branco como ela parece querer com tanta vontade fazer acreditar, mas ainda assim existem vários pontos válidos sobre a forma como lidamos com as coisas hoje em dia, e em como vale a pena tentar mudar esse padrão.

Criado pela Tides Foundation & Funders Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption.

Fonte: Se não me engano, foi indicado por um professor ou colega de classe no curso de Jornalismo.


11 05 2009

Tired of feeling powerless face the new swine flu?
Well, can’t do nothing about that sir! But here, stress yourself out by playing this flash game:

Go to the official Swinefighter website.

Source: BombounaWeb

The Swine Flu – Antigenic Shift

6 05 2009

The Swine Flu, along with how flu virus works, is a little bit more complex than it sounds.
So, nothing better than ye good ol’ YouTube video animation to explain how it works:

Beautiful, yet scary and deadly. All thanks to HybridMedical!

Source: Gizmodo

Beggar Robot

3 05 2009

Check this interesting video on a project that creates beggar robots with old computer parts:

Not only the product is interesting, but also how it works on society.
I find it specially interesting when the police takes the human beggar away, but not only lets the robotic version stay but even show some curiosity about it. 😛
Lots of interesting questions to be thought about on the subject…

Source: Gizmodo

Disgusting Dominos Analisys

18 04 2009

Everyone must’ve watched this video by now, with former Dominos’ employees doing disgusting stuff on food that’s going to be delivered:

But I wanna get out of the mainstream opinnion, and raise some questions on the whole deal.
It’s pretty obvious how the video was associated with Dominos (see the caps and shirts). And while I personally don’t like Dominos stuff much, one has to wonder if this wasn’t something plotted by some Dominos competitor.
I know people are certainly capable of stupidities like those, but I also know that competitors may go to great lenghts to put the competition down, even more in times of crisis.
So let’s say another fast food chain promised a better paying job, or a big reward for doing a video like that.
Of course, it’s just speculation at this time, but not too far fetched isn’t it?
The problem as I see isn’t this particular case, but how the reaction it caused may in fact provoke such practices.
So, all things considered, I’m really hoping depite all, that this video is real and the employees were fired… because if it isn’t, this might be part of a way bigger problem we’ll be facing from now on.

Source: BombounaWeb