NicoNico Douga – Ryuuseigun Chaos

26 07 2009

A long time ago I made a post about NicoNico Douga Kumikyoku, a video that compiled tons of musics, images and animations that were all related to the japanese otaku society… now I bring you NicoNico Douga Ryuuseigun Chaos, which follows the same spirit!

Ryuuseigun Chaos

Ryuuseigun Chaos

Most of us won’t be able to recognize much, since there are tons of 2ch references we probably won’t know, but there are some memes and animes I already made posts about here on this very blog.
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Indian Super Mario Bros.

22 07 2009

Here’s a live Super Mario Bros performance, done in the India’s Got Talent (Indian version of the British show promoted by Susan Boyle) by group Illuminati (?):

You can see they took some liberties… uhm, Bowser with lasers? Picking the moon to deflect stars? o_O wut
Anyways, I still like the japanese live Super Mario Bros version better… but despite the weird stuff, it’s not too shaby.

Source: Kotaku

Indian Thriller – Donga

21 07 2009

It’s a well known video, even more now after Michael Jackson’s death, but for some reason I didn’t write a post about it, so here it is: The Bollywood version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

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Font Conference

21 07 2009

Also from, this one is a older than the Font Fight video I posted sometime ago…

Still fun though, for those familiar with font types that is! xD

Source: CollegeHumor YouTube channel

Indian Superman – Dariya Dil

20 07 2009

Yet another Bollywood gem that is a must for special effects and comics fans, extracted from the indian movie Dariya Dil:

Impressive! Stunning sfx, actress Govinda in a perfect Spider…man costume, dancing, singing and a sample of the awesome fight scenes only available in Bollywood!
Some of those treats you will also find on Bollywood version of Matrix!

Source: Commenter spannu on a Kotaku post.

Luigi Finally Snaps

19 07 2009

Luigi finally snaps after all these years of being a secondary character!

Another Mario character stress out, just like the Bowser’s Minions video, also from

Source: CollegeHumor YouTube Channel

CollegeHumor – ShamWow Guy in Jail (NSFW)

18 07 2009

Remember Vince, the guy from ShamWow and Slap Chop? wondered how would be his life in jail:

If you know more about him, you’ll find it hillarious… xD

Source: CollegeHumor YouTube channel

System of a Down – Chop Suey / System of Vila – Chaves Suey

16 07 2009

Parody video with characters from mexican show El Chavo del Ocho, a classic in Brazil where it’s called “Chaves”.

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Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Red Team

14 07 2009

Another fanmade machinima video themed with the Team Fortress 2 Meet the Team series!
This time it’s from AtomicSpark and Kip Machinima films – Meet the Red Team:

In my opinion, it’s not absolutely hilarious, but pretty good job… deserves credit if only for all the hard work.
For more Team Fortress 2 Meet the Team videos, check.. this blog! xD

Source: Halolz

Post-it Donkey Kong in Raleigh

14 07 2009

Stop motion video entitled “Pixels & Bricks – Kong Comes to Play in Raleigh”

Pretty nice… the editing could be improved though.
Watch it ‘till after the credits. 😀

Source: Gizmodo