Brian Reitzell and Roger J. Manning Jr. – 50 Floors Up (Lost in Translation)

20 07 2009

Here’s some bonus music exclusive to the japanese Lost in Translation soundtrack:

Along with a picture that reflects A LOT the true spirit of the movie and what made me fall in love with it.
Of course I’m talking about Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), but not only that… it also has something to do with the atmosphere and story Sofia Coppola masterfully passes…
It’s about the images, the music and ambience unique to Lost in Translation. You can also kinda feel it on The Virgin Suicides, but since it’s another context, I didn’t identify as much.
I usually tell friends that while I do think Scarlett is beautiful, probably the most beautiful actress we have nowadays, I didn’t fell in love with Scarlett Johansson… but I did with Charlotte. ;_;

Juggling Hatsune Miku vs Katana Akita Neru

19 07 2009

Sorry, dunno the music title…

But Hatsune Miku and Akita Neru are characters from the Vocaloid software…
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OS-tan – Troubled Windows

19 07 2009

The first time I saw OS-tan was through this very interesting animation/music clip:

It has since become a much bigger thing, and I’ll try to explain a bit about it in this post.
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System of a Down – Chop Suey / System of Vila – Chaves Suey

16 07 2009

Parody video with characters from mexican show El Chavo del Ocho, a classic in Brazil where it’s called “Chaves”.

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The Ultimate Showdown

14 07 2009

Funny… as lots of other videos, I was completely shure I posted this one here. Maybe the search system isn’t working, but I’ll post again just in case.

This is the ultimate fanboy music video! xD
Tons of Internet characters only those proficient in Internet, movies, games and tv series useless culture will know… though most people will be able to identify lots of them.
Credit to this amazing video goes to:
Animation – altf4
Music – Lemon Demon

Source: Credit goes to Gizmodo post commenter fate47 – Meh.

The Lonely Island – Like a Boss (NSFW)

12 07 2009

Are you the boss?

Because I AM BOSS (Minami-ke reference)
If you liked this clip, also watch The Lonely Island’s I’m on a Boat!

Team Nekokan – So Excited ~You’re All Here~

12 07 2009

Are you a truly a gamer to the core? Or even, an otaku gamer?
If so, you need to listen to Team Nekokan.
This one is about a hardcore gamer only friends… 😛

I posted one of their videos sometime ago, though back then I didn’t know it was their material…. I’m talking about Airman Ga Taosenai (Can’t Beat Airman), along with Okkusenman.
Expect more videos from them here on this very blog! xD

Source: Kotaku

Muppets Show – Mahnamahna

11 07 2009

Dunno if I can call this a meme, since it’s previous to the concept and all, but it’s a very famous video previous to the YouTube era.
The Muppets Show – Mahnamahna

So catchy….
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SOUR – Hangetsu

10 07 2009

I’m not too much of a j-pop/ j-rock fan (though I do listen to lots of anime music), but SOUR has some incredible music videos:

Hangetsu was made using shadow puppetry as the main theme, but with some improved effects!
Looks like a simple idea, but the way they ellaborate it is the real gem behind the concept.

Daler Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun

10 07 2009

Here’s a famous indian music video that’s popping up on the internets here and there:

So, why I’m posting this one?
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