KissMa (Browser)

22 07 2009

Japanese developers Party-Tencho brings this crazy japanese browser game that kinda looks like a side scrolling kiss?-em-up game! 😛

Just like their other game, KOI2, it’s completely nonsensical and funny, with different power ups that’ll crack you up!

Check it out at Party-Tencho’s official KissMa website!

Indian Super Mario Bros.

22 07 2009

Here’s a live Super Mario Bros performance, done in the India’s Got Talent (Indian version of the British show promoted by Susan Boyle) by group Illuminati (?):

You can see they took some liberties… uhm, Bowser with lasers? Picking the moon to deflect stars? o_O wut
Anyways, I still like the japanese live Super Mario Bros version better… but despite the weird stuff, it’s not too shaby.

Source: Kotaku

Epona Vem Ca – AnimeFriends 2009

22 07 2009

Virou piada interna só pra quem foi quinta-feira (16/07/2009) na AnimeFriends 2009, mas com pena do pessoal que ficou perdido nos outros dias, resolvi fazer um post para explicar…

(Obrigado ao Remy que indicou uma versão completa e muito bem filmada nos comentários!)
A música veio de uma apresentação da Yamato Cosplay Cup 2009 da quinta, por esta intrépida cosplayer (Gabriela de Lima que estava de Malon) que fez uma versão em português de Epona no Uta.
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Abandonware – Scorched Earth (PC)

21 07 2009

Scorched Earth, a game from the DOS era, is a big improvement to the original Gorilla.bas game!

Pretty addictive back then, you could play with friends (hot seat) taking turns trying to kill each other.
It’s the predecessor to today’s Worms games.
You controlled one tank, and had access to several weapons which could be bought and had limited uses, and had some effects that I still consider more interesting than those presented in Worms games.
I had an awful (still have) aim, so I ended up saving money to buy the big nukes and stuff, so the only thing I had to do was shoot it far away from my position. 😛

Tron Legacy

20 07 2009

Sadly, I guess not too many geeks nowadays will promptly know about the original Tron movie, since it’s from 1982 and all, but to those who know it, here’s the trailer for Tron Legacy, the sequel us fans from the original movie were expecting for such long time:

And the most amazing part of all: Jeff Bridges is in it!!
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Abandonware – Operation Wolf (PC/Arcade/ZX Spectrum)

20 07 2009

Here’s a DOS game that’s probably the first fixed screen shooter I’ve ever played:

Operation Wolf was originally a sucessful Taito arcade game that ended up ported to tons of other platforms.
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PIT Strategy (PC)

20 07 2009

For Stock Car/NASCAR fans, PIT Strategy is an Augmented Reality game with a different point of view:

From developers Beyond Reality, the idea isn’t to drive the cars, but to control the pit stops, make them as fast as you can.
It’s a game concept for now, but it’s nice to see some people are still trying to make use of Augmented Reality in games in different ways…

Source: it was a while ago, I couldn’t find exactly who sent this, but it was on a game development discussion list…

Luigi Finally Snaps

19 07 2009

Luigi finally snaps after all these years of being a secondary character!

Another Mario character stress out, just like the Bowser’s Minions video, also from

Source: CollegeHumor YouTube Channel

Bulletsss (PC)

19 07 2009

Bulletsss an interesting platformer-puzzle game made by indie developer Arvi Teikari:



If you think you played something similar to this previously, it’s probably Bulletzorz, the prequel to Bulletsss, also made by Hempuli (Arvi Teikari).
You basically have to reach the flag using a gun that shoots huge bullets to help out.
While testplaying it, I kinda got stuck in an early level… but it’s pretty nice and challenging.
Click the image or this link to the official Bulletsss website.

KOI2 (Browser)

18 07 2009

By japanese developers Party-Tencho, with a game genre I love: Crazy nonsense japanese style! xD

KOI2, a play with the words Koi (love) and Koitsu (jerk, but could be used in a playful way), is the name of the game and also what the “wife” will say everytime you give a successful “flick” to her forehead! xD
When you miss, she says “Dame” (no, blocked, fail, etc).
The objective is to give the wife as many flicks to the forehead as you can… and the power ups, oh the power ups, is what makes this game truly awesome! xD
Almost forgot: Go to Party-Tencho website to play it!

Source: IndieGames