Holdover (PC)

10 07 2009

Made by japanese indie developer Fox Eye, this interesting side scroller with puzzle elements is kind on the hard side.



In Holdover, you play as Marie, a girl who just woke up on some sort of cryogenic chamber in an abandoned complex and is trying to figure out what happened to her and the world.
I have to add that some of the art on the game is a bit on the erotic side (some nudity and almost see-through clothing), though nothing explicit (might make some unconfortable though).
Probably has something to do with the artist doujin background… 😛
As the developer himself states, the english is sufferable at most.. but it’s understandable, and I only have to thank him for trying to make an english version.
Finally, a word to the short tempered: This is a very hard game. Specially the underwater parts because the timing to avoid drowning is pretty tight.
Click the image or this link to the official Holdover website. After everything loads up, there’s a big blue button to download the game.
It’s compressed in .lhz extention, so you need 7-zip or some other decompressing utility.

Source and more info: IndieGames

Gratuitous Space Battles (PC)

8 07 2009

Gratuitous Space Battles (yep, that’s the name) kinda looks like a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, but it’s not… it’s more close to a tower defense style game.
Watch this awesome idea for a space game from indie developer Positech:

At the start of the round, you buy and manage your ship formation, and when the game begins, you only watch the battle happening.
Which is pretty nice for a space game.
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Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

7 07 2009

I read this confusing post few days ago about how Super Mario Bros level 1 would look if ported to the SNES. But the level looked like a mix of Super Mario Bros 2, with Super Mario Bros 3 elements, and some stuff I never saw before.

Mushroom Kingom Fusion / MKFusion / MKF

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion / MKFusion / MKF

So I decided to research a bit more about it, and thus I came to know about Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, a fan made game with modified Mario gameplay with other games cross over elements.
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Exelinya Burst (PC)

6 07 2009

Exelinya Bust is yet another japanese shooter with something different.
The cute characters is much like other shooters, but this time you don’t shoot magical beams or bullets…

You have to use a gappling hook to pick enemies(?) and throw them against each other causing multiple explosions and stuff! 😀
Developed by D.K, Omega and Kenmo.
Translation by Dong Oranda, a writer at indiegames.com (Dong himself corrected the info on the comments, sorry about that! 😉 ).
You can get the english version at Dong’s translation blog EngRish Games Exelinya Burst page!

Source: TIGSource

Nanosmiles (PC)

5 07 2009

Nanosmiles is an interesting free indie shooter from japanese developer Dong.



Dong is also responsible for translating this game (and others) to english, which is very nice!

Download the game to play it by clicking the image or this link to the official Nanosmiles download page!

Source: IndieGames

Push – Ian Snyder (Browser)

4 07 2009

This interesting puzzle game mixes the cute character movement (with standard WSAD keys) and a mouse command that allows you to push environment blocks.



Pretty nice!
Click the image or this link to BonusLevel’s Push page to play!

Source: IndieGames

Trigger – Increpare (PC)

3 07 2009

Trigger, by indie developer increpare is a side scrolling shooter with simple graphics, but targeted to addicted gamers looking for a challenge on the genre.
The following video is a speedrun, so spoilers etc… (if you plan to play it through, watch some bits of it just to know what you’ll face):

The gameplay is pretty simple too. Your ship has a weapon that allows you to lock on to multiple targets, and then shoot them directly.
Fun for hardcore side scrolling gamers, lots of frustration for normal gamers… 😛
The game is free, you can get it at Increpare’s official Trigger website.

Source: IndieGames

CutCopyPasteGnome – Luke Brown (Browser)

2 07 2009

CutCopyPasteGnome is an interesting browser game that uses something all PC users are pretty familiar with: Cut, Copy and Paste functions:



It’s actually a puzzle game were you have to figure out a way to make your Gnome reach the door.
You can’t control it, but you can use cut, copy and paste functions accessible through the right mouse button.
The interesting part is that you have to think outside the box to solve the puzzles, much like the Karoshi series.
Click the image or use this link to the Newgrounds CutCopyPasteGnome page to play it!

Source: IndieGames

Diorama – Drömsynt (iPhone)

1 07 2009

Interesting iPhone 3d puzzle game that makes good use of the iPhone interface:

Still no sound, but I guess it’ll be added later on.. still, wooooh! xD

Source: IndieGames

Rocket Riot (XBLA)

30 06 2009

Very interesting retro-style battle game:

Looks good, specially for gamers who likes Smash Bros. style games.
They even hired a guy who can do the “epic movie trailer” voice… xD

Source: Kotaku