Roll Roll Pirate! (Browser)

4 08 2009

Roll Roll Pirate! by DevilishGames is an obstacle course game in which you are a ball pirate(?) trying to recover your tresures which were scattered through several islands.

So, what’s different on this game? The control scheme!
At first, it looks awful to control… since you mainly have a foward and backward movment, but the left and right arrow rotates the whole island!
But when you get past the tutorial island and start playing, you’ll understand why the controls are made that way!

Try it out at CandyStand’s Roll Roll Pirate! webpage!

Source: IndieGames

Shy Dwarf (Browser)

3 08 2009

Shy Dwarf

Shy Dwarf

Try it at Amanita Design’s Shy Dwarf’s page!

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When Pigs Fly (Browser)

2 08 2009

When Pigs Fly by dessgeega is a flying pig obstacle course that is WAY harder than this time attack video makes it look:

It’s not only the obvious obstacles (lava, spikes, etc)… but if your wing touches any corner or wall, it’s bye bye pig!
Would be so good if the swine flu also worked that way… xD
Wanna play it? Point your browser to Newgrounds’ When Pigs Fly page!

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Kamal (PC)

1 08 2009

Created by a group of students at the Dutch Game Garden, Kamal is a 2D plaftormer with a different twist:

By pausing the game and switching the perspective a little bit, Kamal is able to make long jumps and reach areas he wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
Watching the video, I think I might get a bit dizzy with it… but the game looks pretty interesting anyways.
If you liked it, keep an eye at the Dutch Game Garden website… Kamal is coming soon.

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Wonder Bounce (Browser)

31 07 2009

By developer Darthlupi, Wonder Bounce! is a neat browser game were you have to defend yourself by jumping on flying enemies…

Wonder Bounce!

Wonder Bounce!

It’s very simple to play, and the game is kinda short, but fun anyways! 😀
Try it out at Darthlupi’s official Wonder Bounce page!

Source: IndieGames

Abandonware – Yie Ar Kung Fu (NES)

30 07 2009

Nice fighting game that came with those all in one NES cartridges.

One of the predecessors of modern 2D fighting games maybe, it was fairly simple.
I don’t remember the number exactly but you had to fight unarmed some 5 or 6 enemies equiped with different weapons (minus the last boss if I’m not mistaken).
Then, when you killed the last boss, the whole thing restarted with increased difficulty.
I remember almost completing 3 loops before dying… and I also remember there’s this technique of jumping bouncing on the wall that made killing most of them fairly easy… you just had to calculate the right distance for each one of them.
It also has a bonus stage were knifes and ninja stars comes flying at you… very difficult to pass.

Source: nesguide

Fig. 8 (Browser)

29 07 2009

This is the preview of upcoming Fig. 8 game, a bike riding game…

…that looks something out of a engineer/architecht/designer dream/nightmare. 😛
From Intuition Games. One of the creators Greg Wohlwend describes it neatly: ‘you control a bicycle through technical diagram suburbia’.

Source: IndieGames

The Book of Eli

29 07 2009

As I just finished playing Fallout 3, I decided to make a post about this upcoming Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman movie called The Book of Eli:

Also happens in a post apocalyptic future, and lots of fans are comparing the movie with Fallout 3… but I suspect that almost every post-apocalyptic movie will have stuff comparable to Fallout 3, since the theme has very distinguishing characteristics, such as: destroyed buildings, a “sole survivor” hero that can save humanity, lots of guns and weapons, etc etc. Like in Madmax, I am Legend, and several other tales.
And I’m very happy with all this because I just love post-apocalyptic stories. Battle Royale and Dragon Head are a couple of very nice mangas I can quote on this, and post-apocalyptic stories are close to my favorite literature genre too: Dystopic futures. Like 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, etc.
Also, I won’t judge which is best, which is better, because it’s all about personal taste… but I find it difficult for any 2 hour long movie reflect everything Fallout 3 has. Politics, portraits of common people living that era, the moral choices you have to make, prejudice and personalities we have on the game and stuff like that.
Still, having the Man on Fire Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in a post-apocalyptic movie… what more can I ask for?

Source: Kotaku

Abandonware – Rise of the Triad – ROTT (PC)

28 07 2009

Rise of the Triad (ROTT) is the one FPS I never conformed that it never got a proper sequel, because it was VERY AWESOME!

I don’t know how many trends it started, how many innovations it introduced to the genre, but there are several remarkable stuff I remember from this game.
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Nijikaku (PC) (NSFW)

28 07 2009

Nijikaku is the ultimate Mugen fighting game for japanese otaku!
Played it a long time ago… some months after this blog started, I remember trying to make a post about the game, but couldn’t find the info to it.
Notice it’s a game with fanmade characters, so it might have some NSFW content.

But just earlier today for some reason I remembered this japanese meme character known as Waha! (which is actually a character from a famous eroge and also symbol to a japanese image board), and with that I decided to continue searching more about it.
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