Souvenir Landmarks – Michael Hughes

7 08 2009

Michael Hughes’ photography idea is simple yet very entertaining…

Souvenir Landmarks - New York Yellow Cab

Souvenir Landmarks - New York Yellow Cab

…using perspective to place cheap souvenirs just in the right place to superimpose it’s real counterparts.
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Cosplay Series – AnimeFriends 2009 Death to Renan!

21 07 2009

This is a series featuring cosplay, cosplaying and cosplayers!

A Clockwork Orange (Georgie, Alex and Dim) - ?

A Clockwork Orange (Georgie, Alex and Dim) - ?

(Clockwork Orange guys in an ultraviolence session with my droogie Renan)

Over the years, I have collected tons of anime, games and general cosplaying photos, so I decided to share them here.
Identification goes like this: “Anime/Game/Source Name” (“Character Name”) – “Cosplayer Name/Nick”.
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MockMoon2000 – Miniature Trains

20 07 2009

MockMoon2000 is an awesome japanese photographer who has a series of time lapse videos on YouTube.
Here’s a couple of videos themed as Miniature Trains:

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MockMoon2000 – Nature Time Lapse

15 07 2009

MockMoon2000 is an awesome japanese photographer who has a series of time lapse videos on YouTube.
Here’s a couple of videos themed as Nature Time Lapse:

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Imin Matsuri Curitiba 2009 – Padmé Amidala Cosplay

28 06 2009

Aqui está mais uma cosplayer incrível no Imin Matsuri deste ano em Curitiba.
Padmé Amidala de Star Wars II – O Ataque dos Clones:

Cosplay - Padmé Amidala

Cosplay - Padmé Amidala

O único jeito de conseguir algo mais parecido é com a Natalie Portman em pessoa hein?
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Imin Matsuri Curitiba 2009 – Samurai Cosplay

27 06 2009

Aqui vai a primeira leva de fotos do Imin Matsuri deste ano, um evento local de cultura japonesa aqui de Curitiba, PR.

Samurai Cosplay

Samurai Cosplay

Começando pelas últimas fotos que tirei… cosplayers de samurai, a noite nas margens do lago do parque Barigui.
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CQC Special Effects

26 06 2009

While doing a video documentary for my Journalism course, I decided to research a bit about some special effects used on a famous brazillian show (though there’s also a version in Argentina and Portugal) called CQC (Custe o Que Custar) which mixes comedy with journalism and a specially acid criticism to brazilian politics/culture.
Their effects looks kinda simple, but very funny:

Well, turns out it’s not that simple, so I ended up not learning how to do it… they hire an speciallized studio to do it.
I’m guessing you can do something similar with After Effects, some filters and Photoshopping, lots of keyframing, and patience… I even found a tutorial that has the same general idea entitled “Video Copilot’s Demon Face Warp” but I didn’t have the time to watch and apply it so…
Maybe sometime later, but it was worth for the laughs!

Samsung WB1000

17 06 2009

I never heard much about Samsung digicams apart from it’s neat top design, but their viral unboxing ad is very awesome!

The specs is about what you’d expect from a recently released camera, with tons of Mpx, HD video recording and a nice big screen.
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Deadline – Bang-Yao Liu

14 06 2009

Awesome stop motion video made with post-it for a senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design by Bang-Yao Liu

Very impressive!
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Living Movie Poster – Red One Camera

13 06 2009

I still didn’t write about the incredible RED One camera because I was kinda expecting a video that could show how awesome it is (instead of specs and whatnot)… well, here it is:

Basically, the Red One is a video camera that has the resolution of a professional DSLR (photography) camera, which is something only really big and really really expensive cameras have nowadays.
But don’t get me wrong, RED One isn’t a cheap camera… it’s only cheap when compared to others on the same category.
Anyways, it’s a camera that blurs the line between video and professional photography, one step higher than Canon 5D Mark II since it’s really aimed and has all the advantages of professional movie making, but is also way more expensive too!

Source and more videos: Gizmodo