Google Wave

7 06 2009

Google Wave é a nova ferramenta de colaboração do Google que está sendo desenvolvida para rodar no navegador, e tem este longo vídeo de demonstração:

Que tem duração de 1 hora e 20 minutos e está em inglês… então só que estiver REALMENTE interessado vai assistir (como eu).
Para todos os outros, continuem lendo que darei uma breve explicação sobre.
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1964 Antique MODEM

2 06 2009

And I thought my Dad had the oldest modem ever… here is a video in which Casey uses a 1964, completely analog modem to connect to the Internet!

A modem in a WOODEN case… holy crap!
My dad’s very old modem which I never really saw being used was like the size of a regular VCR, and the case was all metal.
But unfortunately, I think we didn’t keep it on our last move, so it’s probably scrap by now.
The first modem I used was a 2400bps… probably US Robotics… dunno if it was to access some local BBS, or to play Doom.
I also had a 9600 US Robotics, 14400 Zoltrix… and I think a standard 56700 US Robotics too.
BananaCom, Teleconference in BBS (this is previous to IRC) and downloading .mod files comes to mind.
The awesome AxelFoley.mod. xD
And I’ll stop writing now because when it comes to the old days of BBSs and Internet, I can go on for hours. 😛

Source: Gizmodo

USB Hip Shaker

27 05 2009

There are tons of useless USB gimmicks out there, this is just another one:

Uhh… dunno what else to say.

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Hi, a Real Human Interface

26 05 2009

Ever wondered what’s this so called “Human Interface” everyone keeps talking about, on how important it is to computers and other devices?
The guys at Multitouch-Barcelona presents you Hi, a REAL human interface:

Here, check Multitouch-Barcelona website, also with a Vimeo version of this video!

Source: TechEBlog

Samsung N310 – Claymation

26 05 2009

New viral ad for Samsung’s N310 netbook


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7 05 2009

You love blogging, making comments on blogs, and chatting on social networks?
Then maybe, FriendFeed is for you:

Interesting mix that I’m shure lots of people will love! And probably get addicted and spend hours and hours using. 😛

Source: LifeHacker

Google Chrome

6 05 2009

I’m personally waiting for Google Chrome (Google’s new browser) to mature a bit before trying it… not to mention a pretty heavy dependence on some Firefox plugins I have.
So I kinda didn’t bother trying it out too much, or even reading much about it.
But this neat ad explains bits of interesting features from the browser:

…and this is why Google will TAKE OVER THE WOOORLDDD!!! 😛

Source: Gizmodo

Oldschool Computer Band – Bohemian Rhapsody

24 04 2009

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody performed by an oldschool computer band (literally)

Source and more info: Gizmodo


22 04 2009

PrtScr is an interesting screen capturing software:

I specially like how it has some features that helps making tutorials, which is one of the main uses for screen capture apps.

Source: Lifehacker

Opera Face Gestures

7 04 2009

The future has come, and it got “face cramps” written all over it!

Ok, this was an Opera April Fool’s joke… but I can only imagine if it wasn’t…
I’d be the first to open a lan house with strategically placed cams… 😛

Source: BombounaWeb