Private Eye – Oculis Labs

2 07 2009

Oculis Labs developed a software to protect the content of your computer from spies, peeping toms and alikes. 😛

If you’re afraid your boss might be right behind you, reading all those nice things you write about him…
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21 06 2009

As I see, the one major problem with keyboards and portability is the fact that you need a table for the keyboard.
This makes it hard to type while lying down on your bed, riding a bus, or any situation in which you’re not sitting down with a keyboard in a table right in front of you (maybe you can, but it won’t be confortable, and will eventually lead to problems – back, wrists, arm muscles, whatever).

Grippity tries to solve that.
Pretty interesting idea…
UPDATE: Broken video replaced by the official ad.
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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – Browse for the Better

18 06 2009

Vou ser 100% sincero aqui: Internet Explorer é minha ÚLTIMA escolha para navegador, por vários motivos.
MAS depois que ouvi falar desta campanha, acabei baixando a a versão dele.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 - Browser for the Better

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 - Browser for the Better

Aqui está a pegadinha da Microsoft: Para cada download completo do Internet Explorer 8 feito na página Browse for the Better, 8 refeições serão doadas para a ONG Feeding America, que distribui estas refeições para aqueles que estão precisando.
Na verdade, estadunidenses que estão precisando, mas quando se trata de erradicar a fome, pelo menos eu penso que não existem fronteiras no mundo.
Então, você só precisa baixar (usando a página oficial… clique na imagem) para fazer a Microsoft gastar dinheiro em doações. A contagem vai do dia 10 de Junho até 8 de Agosto, mas não deixe pra baixar outra hora, baixa lá agora senão você esquece.
Bill Gates é bem conhecido por ser um dos caras que doou a maior quantia de dinheiro para caridade, tem um press release oficial da Microsoft sobre a campanha, e eles nunca disseram que você precisa realmente usar o navegador para que seu download seja válido… então eu digo, mesmo que você não goste do Internet Explorer, vá em frente e baixe. É por uma boa causa e não custa nada.

Fonte: Gizmodo

Archos 9 PC Tablet – Resistive Touchscreen Demonstration

16 06 2009

The new Archos Tablet running Windows 7:

Looks pretty nice! It’d be better if the guy shooting the video would keep still (both him and the device) for at least some seconds though…
Oh, also, that stand sounded pretty cheap. But whatever… will wait for more reviews to judge.

Source: TechEBlog

Firefox 3.5 – Videos

15 06 2009

Here’s an interesting feature that will be coming with the new Firefox 3.5 update:

Videos will work more or less like webpages, and you’ll be able to deal with it more dynamically.
Like applying filters, adding text, links, and some other stuff.

Source: Lifehacker

OS X Newton Virus

11 06 2009

The Newton Virus is an “Art Virus” for Mac OS X owners:

Yeah, “flawless piece of technology” was stupid, but still a pretty neat gimmick!
The only problem? You have to pay for it.
Yeah… expensive and useless… but cool anyways.

Source: Gizmodo

Asus EEE PC T91 Multitouch

11 06 2009

Here’s a video from the jkkmobile guys at Computex 2009 messing around with the upcoming Asus EEE PC T91 Multitouch (the T comes from Tablet!):

Now here’s a netbook I’m actually interested in buying… I hope the processor is powerful enough to handle video/DVD playback and some other stuff, with no skipping, along with tons of Firefox tabs opened…. then I can do most of my blogging while lying on my bed (as in resting, not telling lies)! 😛
Anyways, great expectations for this one!

Source: Gizmodo and Gizmodo

S.H.Y.N.E.S.S. – Internet Explorer 8

11 06 2009

Microsoft appeals to the “tacky” ad genre to talk about Internet Explorer 8:

I gotta admit I lol’ed a bit. Regardless, Internet Explorer still sucks and is my last browser of choice (IMHO). 😛

Source: Gizmodo

Hybrid HP Mininote – Tablet PC

8 06 2009

If you thought laptops were converging enough stuff, here’s a new idea to make you even more confused:

This is a prototype HP…. thing that mixes a laptop with a tablet PC.
The tablet PC part works by itself, running Google Android OS with a VIA/ARM based chipset.
When you mount it on the rest of the setup, it runs Windows XP becoming an HP Mini 1000 Netbook.
Guess it’s not a bad idea provided the integration between both platforms runs smooth.
Still wondering though if it isn’t way more simple to have a enhanced tablet PC running Windows 7 and a dock with keyboard and other stuff instead.
Because I imagine even though this contraption uses cheaper hardware, the whole set will end up being too expensive…

Source: Gizmodo

Microsoft’s Bing!

7 06 2009

I was unnaware Microsoft had launched a new search engine…. probably because it’s nothing much.
But hey, here’s the ad just in case you want to give it a spin:

Commenters who tested it are saying “it’s just like a regular search engine”.
Well, I dunno about that… didn’t test it yet.
But I didn’t even had time to test Wolfram Alpha yet, which means I won’t be “binging” anytime soon… 😛
Microsoft had Live Search before that, and to be quite frank, it sucked.

Source: Gizmodo