TAT Augmented ID

29 07 2009

Interesting app concept for cellphone that mixes face recognition with augmented reality to display contact information:

The augmented reality part seems interesting yet not very useful for a cellphone cam (IMO), but even so, I guess this will truly become interesting once we have Augmented Reality glasses or lenses… 😀
Imagine walking on streets while being able to retrieve people’s contacts here and there…

Well, this might also be pretty terrifying actually… for those concerned about privacy.

Source: Gizmodo

LG Black Label Series – BL40

16 07 2009

An ad for the new LG cellphone BL40 on the Black Label series (read Chocolate) shows all the cellphones from the series:

This new cellphone, which will be released sometime this year, has “LG’s in-house Active Flash UI, Wi-Fi, 7.2mbps HSDPA, a-gps, and a 5mp camera with flash”, and it’s also touchscreen with an extremely looong screen.
Can I call it LongPhone?
Anyways, it’s still not a smartphone, so it all depends on how good and responsive the internal OS is, but if it works as advertise, looks pretty good.
Yeah, the ad helps a lot being all classy and dandy, but we’d better expect a hands on detail before judging more.
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iPhone 3GS Time Lapse

9 07 2009

A pretty nice time lapse video taken with an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone app called… TimeLapse. 😛

Great for a cellphone cam, but still far from the pro stuff… the author chose a sweet spot though! 😀

Source: Gizmodo

Nearest Tube (iPhone)

8 07 2009

Nearest Tube is an iPhone 3GS app developed by AcrossAir that uses Augmented Reality to display the nearest metro station while using the iPhone camera:

It’s only working in London for now.
I think the idea is similar to that of the Android’s Layar, which I posted sometime ago in this blog.
Mixes GPS, map, camera and compass functions to map the graphics in the right stop.

Source and more info: Gizmodo

Zagat – nru

30 06 2009

Another interesting Android app using it’s compass function: Zagat’s nru (read “near you”):

It picks your location from the GPS and the direction you’re facing to pinpoint nearby restaurants. Nice eh?
Yeah, you’ll look kinda stupid… but then again, way better than unfolding a huge map and spending half an hour trying to locate yourself while becoming a thief target or something. 😛

Source: Gizmodo

HTC Hero – Android

29 06 2009

HTC Hero is, to some, the first worthwhile Android phone coming out pretty soon.

Apart from standard current gen smartphone features, it also has some interesting stuff like the GPS compass that allows things such as Layar.
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Nokia N97 – Comeback

22 06 2009

Latest Nokia N97 ad…

I kinda like the form factor.

Source: TechEBlog