Visitor Q (NSFW) (Gore)

2 08 2009

Visitor Q is a japanese disturbing gore movie by Takashi Miike which I only read about, but don’t really mean to watch. 😛

As you can see from the trailer, it doesn’t even had many scenes so strong and disturbing the movie is.
It has strong sexual content, so absolutely not intended for minors, but I have my doubts it’s even intended for normal human beings! xD
Never watched it, I know a couple of other Takashi Miike movies like Audition and Koroshiya Ichi, but after reading the full sinopsis of Visitor Q, I decided not to watch it… 😛
So, what’s the purpose of the post? Well, if you are a gore movie fan with stomach enough to watch one with such themes, have a good time with it! xD
This is also an interesting “dark side” of japanese cinema most people don’t really know.

Survive Style 5+

2 08 2009

Another crazy creation of the new japanese cinema school, featuring british actor Vinnie Jones in the role he plays best: A thug contracted killer.

Different from most movies I presented so far though, Survive Style 5+ is less on the gory, disturbing or overall “adults with strong stomach” side, and more on the “weird” sense.
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Naisu no Mori / Funky Forest: The First Contact (NSFW)

27 07 2009

Years ago, when I used to spend my day on image boards, I remember seeing this extremely weird image quite oftenly in motivational pictures used when some weird news came from Japan.

Motivational - Japan, No further Explanation Needed - Naisu no Mori

Motivational - Japan, No further Explanation Needed - Naisu no Mori

Nowadays, I learned that most of that weirdness spread by western media (including mainstream) is a distorted image from Japan.
Like in yes, Japan has weird stuff, but if we make a selection of weird stuff in western countries chances are we’ll find WAY MORE stuff like this one…
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NicoNico Douga – Ryuuseigun Chaos

26 07 2009

A long time ago I made a post about NicoNico Douga Kumikyoku, a video that compiled tons of musics, images and animations that were all related to the japanese otaku society… now I bring you NicoNico Douga Ryuuseigun Chaos, which follows the same spirit!

Ryuuseigun Chaos

Ryuuseigun Chaos

Most of us won’t be able to recognize much, since there are tons of 2ch references we probably won’t know, but there are some memes and animes I already made posts about here on this very blog.
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Indian Thriller – Donga

21 07 2009

It’s a well known video, even more now after Michael Jackson’s death, but for some reason I didn’t write a post about it, so here it is: The Bollywood version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

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Indian Superman – Dariya Dil

20 07 2009

Yet another Bollywood gem that is a must for special effects and comics fans, extracted from the indian movie Dariya Dil:

Impressive! Stunning sfx, actress Govinda in a perfect Spider…man costume, dancing, singing and a sample of the awesome fight scenes only available in Bollywood!
Some of those treats you will also find on Bollywood version of Matrix!

Source: Commenter spannu on a Kotaku post.

Maywa Denki – Nonsense Machines

2 06 2009

I never used drugs, so I can’t imagine what having a bad trip really is…

…but the soundtrack is probably something like this Maywa Denki video! xD
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Subservient Chicken

27 05 2009

This is VERY old by now, but I remembered about it and now I must publish it for posterity. 😛
Tired of obeying orders ALL DAY from your boss? Fear no more, Subservient Chicken for the RESCUE!

Subservient Chicken

Subservient Chicken

A Burger King campaign, Subservient Chicken is a page where a giant chicken is always ready to follow your orders!
Just click the image and try it! You’ll be amazed on how many things it does… 😀

Source: Memory Bank. 😛

Let’s Muscle! (WiiWare)

24 05 2009

Dunno if that’s the real name, but the game is completely AWESOME!

On a typical japanese day at the gym, a football player steals your protein bucket!!
You must chase him breaking walls down, or else you might not get the NICE MUSCLE award!
Made by Bandai Namco… I really wish I had a Wii to play this game. No, for real!

Source: KiraiNet

Critter Crunch (PSN)

17 05 2009

Throwing up rainbows for the sake of the children? In their mouths?

Nature is gross indeed… xD

Source: Kotaku