28 06 2009

The video is kinda weird, but the game gun is just awesome!

It’s actually a toy gun rigged with a LCD screen, a gyration mouse and a game pad.
This is probably a prototype, but looks like an idea interesting enough for a final product eh?

Source: TechEBlog

Samsung – E-Passport

27 06 2009

Very awesome e-passport tech prototype by Samsung:

And it doesn’t require batteries! Neat!

Source: TechEBlog

Masami Hirosaka – RC Car Parallel Parking

26 06 2009

I’ve seen this done… in some movies and at least once in some car show or something… but never with a Remote Controlled (RC) car:

The parallel parking I mean… because jumping over a ramp to blow up a balloon would require and airship or something? 😛

Source: Gizmodo

Laser Harp – Rendezvous II (Jean Michel Jarre)

25 06 2009

Stephen Hobley built a fully working Jean Michel Jarre laser harp:

Which is pretty awesome, and he’s doing DIY explanations for those attempting to build one!
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XBox 360 Halo 3 on a Huge Video Wall

25 06 2009

This is just like my dream of playing a game on a real movie theater…

…only it happened “at the new Cowboys Stadium, home of a 160′ by 72′ center hung 1080p LED wall, which just took the title of largest TV away from Kansas City”, according to the source.
Pretty responsive actually!
Immagine playing… dunno… Dead Space in this? You’d totally crap your pants. 😛

Source: Kotaku

National Geographic – Flame Drill

25 06 2009

An interesting concept on prototyping stages that is shure to revolutionize drilling operations as we know them today:

When it comes to drilling, we pretty much still do it like the old ways: A physical diamond (or some very hard material) head that gets in contact with the rock to be drilled and there you go.
This of course implies in several limitations, as well as having to replace that expensive drill head every now and then.
This flame drill however, will change lots of things. It can go deeper, it’s 10x faster, won’t need the replacement of that drill head… very promising.

Source: Gizmodo

Takara Tomy – Bowlingual Voice Dog Translator

25 06 2009

Strangely, this is nothing new… but Takara Tomy released a new version of the dog translation device:

Dunno how well it works, and it’ll only translate from “dog” to japanese… not that this alone isn’t impressive enough. 😛
If you think you already heard about the company that sells this, you’re probably right. Takara Tomy is responsible for several strange new weird products and videos, like the Photo Printing Camera I posted sometime ago.

Source: TechEBlog

Tesla Coil Bass

22 06 2009

Well, I already posted some tesla coil videos here and there, but I guess this is the first time posting a Bass that uses a tesla coil as speaker:

The bassist is needing a little more power though. 😛

Source: TechEBlog

Asus Booth Computex 2009 – Seamless Experience

22 06 2009

A “table from the future”, very similar to Microsoft Surface, showed up on Computex 2009 at the Asus booth:

In it you see several different and common everyday objects interacting with a table, which is used to extend (or create) a user interface with the objects put on top of the table.

Very interesting. Not a future for everyone just yet, unless a table like that and microchip embedding with enough data do display on such tables gets really cheap.

Source: TechEBlog

Scarmander RRV

21 06 2009

Wanna drive in a road,or a boat in the water?
According to Peter Wheeler, you can do both:

Scarmander RRV must feel a little awkward to drive.. the rear wheels are the ones maneuverable which also has paddles.
But guess it’s the price you pay for having a car that can also work as a boat. 😛

Source: TechEBlog