Nearest Tube (iPhone)

8 07 2009

Nearest Tube is an iPhone 3GS app developed by AcrossAir that uses Augmented Reality to display the nearest metro station while using the iPhone camera:

It’s only working in London for now.
I think the idea is similar to that of the Android’s Layar, which I posted sometime ago in this blog.
Mixes GPS, map, camera and compass functions to map the graphics in the right stop.

Source and more info: Gizmodo

Litter Kwitter & CatGenie

6 07 2009

This one is for cat owners that are tired of having to clean litter boxes.
Be advised though, the video has lots of cat pooping and stuff, so you might not want to watch it while eating or something. 😛

Interesting training system to make your cat use the toilet… the environment and people visiting your home will be thankful.
And then, you just have to play some Parry Gripp music to your cat. 😛
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Hummingbird Robot

5 07 2009

More precisely “AeroVironment Flapping-Wing Nano-UAV”, it’s a DARPA (Pentagon) project for a small robotic hmmingbird made to serve as spy bots.

It has evolved a lot, but still can only fly for about 20 seconds.
Only a matter of time though… which is kinda scary if our future ends up being some sort of 1984-esque dystopic one.
Small hummingbird is watching you. 😛

Source: Gizmodo

USB Portable Microwave – Heinz Beanzawave

4 07 2009

Well, this one gives a new meaning to the “micro” in microwave.

Heinz Beanzawave can be recharged using an USB port, but it’s fully portable running on batteries, and I can see this being useful in camping trips and such. Still, pretty limited use.
Would be nice to have one if it’s cheap and heats like a normal microwave though… beans are kind of a bad example, but using it to heat tea, milk, chocolate, coffee and other beverages would be kinda nice.

Source: Gizmodo

Zagat – nru

30 06 2009

Another interesting Android app using it’s compass function: Zagat’s nru (read “near you”):

It picks your location from the GPS and the direction you’re facing to pinpoint nearby restaurants. Nice eh?
Yeah, you’ll look kinda stupid… but then again, way better than unfolding a huge map and spending half an hour trying to locate yourself while becoming a thief target or something. 😛

Source: Gizmodo

Hina Robot – Coffee Maker

30 06 2009

Want some hand made coffee but you’re too lazy to do it yourself? Enter Clockwork’s Hina Robot!

Awesome! xD


HTC Hero – Android

29 06 2009

HTC Hero is, to some, the first worthwhile Android phone coming out pretty soon.

Apart from standard current gen smartphone features, it also has some interesting stuff like the GPS compass that allows things such as Layar.
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28 06 2009

Dunno how effective LightLane really is to protect bikers from being hit by cars at night, but I guess any extra security measure is valid…

Pretty interesting idea anyways.
With some mods and stuff, might turn into a Laser Harp… 😛

Source: Gizmodo

CrazyBuilders – Propeller Powered Skateboard

28 06 2009

If you ever watched A Pup Named Scooby-Doo you probably hate cartoon babyfication, but also probably wondered when someone was going to make a rocket propelled skateboard…

Unfortunately, as Ryan puts it, rocket propellers might be a little too dangerous to be placed on a wooden board that could go flipping around hitting the fuel tank and exploding on thin air. BUT, a fan propelled one is fine too.

CrazyBuilders is run by Ryan Bavetta, ex-MIT student that runs DIY-like projects and “how it works” videos.

Source: TechEBlog

SQUSE Robot Hand

28 06 2009

More advances on robot technology in Japan… kinda scary!

A disembodied torso handling some sushi without breaking it apart… o_O