The Book of Eli

29 07 2009

As I just finished playing Fallout 3, I decided to make a post about this upcoming Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman movie called The Book of Eli:

Also happens in a post apocalyptic future, and lots of fans are comparing the movie with Fallout 3… but I suspect that almost every post-apocalyptic movie will have stuff comparable to Fallout 3, since the theme has very distinguishing characteristics, such as: destroyed buildings, a “sole survivor” hero that can save humanity, lots of guns and weapons, etc etc. Like in Madmax, I am Legend, and several other tales.
And I’m very happy with all this because I just love post-apocalyptic stories. Battle Royale and Dragon Head are a couple of very nice mangas I can quote on this, and post-apocalyptic stories are close to my favorite literature genre too: Dystopic futures. Like 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, etc.
Also, I won’t judge which is best, which is better, because it’s all about personal taste… but I find it difficult for any 2 hour long movie reflect everything Fallout 3 has. Politics, portraits of common people living that era, the moral choices you have to make, prejudice and personalities we have on the game and stuff like that.
Still, having the Man on Fire Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in a post-apocalyptic movie… what more can I ask for?

Source: Kotaku

Koroshiya Ichi (Ichi the Killer) (Gore)

11 07 2009

From famous japanese director Takashi Miike, known for using extreme violence (including sexual), japanese mafia (yakuza) and other morbid themes in his movies, here’s Koroshiya Ichi:

Part of the b-rated bloody gushing japanese movies culture, Ichi the Killer is probably the most controversial Takashi Miike movie.
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Michael Jackson

26 06 2009

Was thinking of writing something yesterday, but a fever got the best of me… yeah, it was pretty bad, but I eventually beat it. 😛

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

This post goes to Michael Jackson, may he finally rest in peace!
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Jeff Dunham – Achmed, The Dead Terrorist

23 06 2009

For those who thought puppet theaters were something for kids to laugh only…


Source: Folks from Journalism course sent it to the discussion group. 😀

Bank – ATM Robbery in São Paulo

12 06 2009

This impressive bank robbery happened in the eastern part in the city of São Paulo, Brazil:

For those asking: Each one of those ATMs had about R$100,000 (about 50,000USDs) in it.
About 25 criminals were involved in the robbery.
They took about 15 minutes in the bank.
The masked guys are probably the bosses… the other criminals probably got a small part for helping out.
3 of those robbers where arrested, and tons of stuff including weapons, and plans to another bank robbery, this time in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, PR (where I was born) was being planned.
Though still kinda rare, bank robbing cases in Brazil are becoming more and more frequent nowadays… we had a major one involving an underground tunnel to the safe some years ago.
So there you go. 😀

Source: Gizmodo

Story of Stuff

27 05 2009

A video that is mainly alarmist, but do have some interesting stuff to reflect about:

I know the woman constructs, makes up and oversimplifies tons of complicated issues that are not as black and white as she so eagerly seems to make believe, but still there are some valid points about the way we are dealing with things today, and on how it’s worth trying to change the current scheme of things.

Made by Tides Foundation & Funders Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption.

Source: If I’m not mistaken, it was pointed out by a teacher or a classmate on my Journalism course.


11 05 2009

Tired of feeling powerless face the new swine flu?
Well, can’t do nothing about that sir! But here, stress yourself out by playing this flash game:

Go to the official Swinefighter website.

Source: BombounaWeb