Revamped Graphic Equalizer

1 05 2009

A new revamped graphic equalizer in stop motion for your music!

Specially liked the “human bars” version. xD

Source: SmashingMagazine

Xavier Chassaing – Scintillation

29 04 2009

Gorgeous video made with 35,000 photographs using a technique that mixes stop-motion and live projection mapping

I also dunno how Xavier did this, but love it anyways!

Source: SmashingMagazine

SprintCam V3 HD – 1000fps Videos!

25 04 2009

I love slow motion videos… I was even trying to get a Casio EX-F1 (only to find out they don’t exist here in Brazil).
But the Casio EX-F1 is only an amateur slow motion camera (also the only one available today).
The SprintCam V3 is a professional grade camera which will probably have a price you won’t want to know… because it’ll most likely cost a car or a house.

You can still see how awesome it is though, with this video. Notice it’s an HD video, at 1000 frames per second.
Gotta love the jello action, no?

Source: Gizmodo

London – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

25 04 2009

Very awesome stop motion video composing over 3000 pictures…

…not to mention the awesome soundtrack: Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Source: SmashingMagazine

Takeuchi Taijin – A Wolf Loves Pork

18 04 2009

Watch this awesome video that uses tons of photographies and stop motion:

Great! I imagine how much work the guy had… deserves credit!

Source: TechEBlog

TURBO the movie – Official Trailer

5 04 2009

Made with yet another incredible piece of tecnology made available to budget filmmakers, the RED Camera, this trailer for TURBO is looking awesome:

Highly inspired in games and made as a graduation thesis, it’s looking awesome!

Source and morei info: Gizmodo

Searching for Sonny teaser – Canon 5D Mark II

5 04 2009

Searching for Sonny teaser resembles other Hollywood series:

Only this one isn’t professional at all, and it was made using a Canon 5D Mark II, which I already made a couple of posts about:
Ian Provo’s Powder Mountain Perspective
Tokyo Reality
Canon 5D Mark II is a dream camera… it doesn’t completely replaces a professional HD camera, but with few adaptations it gets very close to it. Not to mention the photography quality.

I WANT ONE!!!! 😛

Source and more info: Gizmodo

John Chiara – Giant Photography

16 03 2009

John Chiara is an artist who goes through painstackingly procedures to take pictures with his huge (truck sized) camera.

And think camera in it’s most basic functions. No digital doohickies, whatchamacallits or thingamajigs. 😛

Source: Gizmodo

Shapeways – LightSculpture

16 03 2009

At first, it kinda looks like malformed plaster slab or something…

…but you put it against light, and a portrait reveals itself! Awesome!

Source: TechEBlog

Tilt Shift Photography

5 03 2009

Seems I’m involuntarily following a pattern on photography posts… on HDR photography, I first made a post with an HDR video, then proceeded to make the post about HDR photography.

Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet

This time, it’s Tilt-Shift Photography.
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