Towel Dog

12 06 2009

It’s a dog, it’s a towel, it’s towel dog!

Towel Dog

Towel Dog

Yeah, older than the Internetz, I know, but for the sake of archiving.
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Keith Loutit’s Amazing Tilt-Shift Videos II

3 06 2009

Posting more Keith Loutit’s amazing tilt-shift videos, after the first post!

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Time-Lapse Gravity Wave

31 05 2009

Time lapse video of an interesting atmospherical phenomena: Gravity Waves.

Source: TechEBlog

Blue Thousand and One

30 05 2009

Blue Man group guys on this epic slow motion video!

Source: Toxel via TechEBlog

Roomba Path

29 05 2009

What’s this? A sofisticated laser security system? A LED carpet? An artistic representation of what you see after eating the wrong type of mushrooms?

Roomba Movements

Roomba Movements

Well, none of the above really… but still, so very awesome!
A Roomba owner (this time, not a Roomba cat though), took this picture by turning off the room lights and setting the camera to a 30 minutes exposure while the Roomba cleaned the floor.

Source: Gizmodo

MockMoon2000 – Miniature City

26 05 2009

MockMoon2000 has some very awesome tilt-shift and time lapse videos… here’s one:
Miniature City

Another awesome creation made with Canon 5D Mark II.
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Light Art Performance Photography – LAPP

20 05 2009

Ever heard of lightpaint photography?
Shure you did, I already posted a video featuring a lightpaint piano player here!

Light Art Performance Photography

Light Art Performance

So, keeping the tradition, let me now write a post about lightpaing photography featuring the group Light Art Performance Photography (LAPP)!
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Citizen – Infinity

11 05 2009

Awesome ad made for Citizen by WOW agency:

Mixes beautiful effects with time lapse techniques.
Love the building “colapse”.


Ross Ching – Ecletic

10 05 2009

Ecletic is a series of stop motion videos made by Ross Ching

Read the full post for 2 more videos!
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1 05 2009

No, I didn’t spell wrong… the name is “Noteboek” indeed.
An awesome collection of stop motion drawing videos by dutch artist Evelien Lohbeck:

Very retro!
And despite being so, I can’t help but wonder if someday our notebooks will really be able to do that. xD

Source: Gizmodo