Smash Fortress 2

15 05 2009

A mix of Team Fortress 2 with Super Smash Bros 64!

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Slap Chop Mixes (NSFW)

11 05 2009

Yes, you’ve seen this before, but not in this many different brands!
Few days ago I made a post called As Seen on TV Remix with this awesome Slap Chop “Rap Chop” starring ShamWow guy, Vince:

Today, I bring you even more Slap Chop video mixes!
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The Adventures Of DnB – Megaman 2 (NSFW)

10 05 2009

I’m very picky when it comes to voice overs on 8bit game music… but this one is simply AWESOME:

Duane and Brando, the looney heads behind this awesome video picked several bosses and musics from the NES MegaMan 2 to put some lyrics on.
Great job guys!

Source: FurbyGrenade’s comment @ a Kotaku post

Gordon College play – Mario Bros.

9 05 2009

Interesting live action take on Mario Bros that was shown in a play at Gordon College:

Source: goldwings’ comment @ a Kotaku post

As Seen on TV Remix!

9 05 2009

With a little help of Autotune and remixing, here are some awesome As Seen on TV musics:

The ShamWow guy Vince selling Slap Chop…
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Font Fight!

8 05 2009

Awesome CollegeHumor video where font types gets to fight each other!

Gotta know a little bit about fonts to understand…

Source: TechEBlog, image from Gizmodo

I’m on a Boat – Wind Waker version (NSFW)

3 05 2009

Link is on a F**ING BOAT!!!

Source: Halolz

The Lonely Island – I’m on a Boat (NSFW)

30 04 2009


Movie Food Metal Band

19 04 2009

This is the intro to Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie…

…and the most epic movie theater video I’ve ever seen in my life!

All thanks to: Kaiser-Machead comment on Gizmodo

Star Fox vs. Team Fortress 2

18 04 2009

Incredibly awesome video with Team Fortress 2 guys going against Star Fox!

Notice Fox tries to do a barrel roll, but fails miserably. xD
The music alone made my day!

Source: Halolz