The Ultimate Showdown

14 07 2009

Funny… as lots of other videos, I was completely shure I posted this one here. Maybe the search system isn’t working, but I’ll post again just in case.

This is the ultimate fanboy music video! xD
Tons of Internet characters only those proficient in Internet, movies, games and tv series useless culture will know… though most people will be able to identify lots of them.
Credit to this amazing video goes to:
Animation – altf4
Music – Lemon Demon

Source: Credit goes to Gizmodo post commenter fate47 – Meh.


Team Nekokan – So Excited ~You’re All Here~

12 07 2009

Are you a truly a gamer to the core? Or even, an otaku gamer?
If so, you need to listen to Team Nekokan.
This one is about a hardcore gamer only friends… 😛

I posted one of their videos sometime ago, though back then I didn’t know it was their material…. I’m talking about Airman Ga Taosenai (Can’t Beat Airman), along with Okkusenman.
Expect more videos from them here on this very blog! xD

Source: Kotaku

Daler Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun

10 07 2009

Here’s a famous indian music video that’s popping up on the internets here and there:

So, why I’m posting this one?
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RX-78 Odaiba Gundam

1 07 2009

Some of my favorite blogs has been publishing stuff about a giant Gundam replica/statue that was being built at Odaiba, an artificial island close to Tokyo in Japan.
Been some months from the first news about it. In what seemed an incredibly fast speed, the project has already been finished, and had it’s first few presentations:

Turns out not only the Gundam RX-78 is a very detailed replica, but it also can move it’s head, and also gives a show with steam and lights involved.
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Daicon III/IV Full HD – The First Animation by Gainax

21 06 2009

You learn something new/incredible everyday… 😀
Studio Gainax, one of the most sucessful and renowed japanese animation studios (Neon Genesis Evangelion, KareKano, FLCL, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Mahoromatic, Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water), had their start with a couple of videos known as Daicon III and Daicon IV:

They were made as promo for the 22nd DAICON Nihon SF Taikai, an anime and sci-fi event back in 1983. Five years later, in 1988, a Laserdisc version was released and sold for about $200 bucks. But today, if you can find a copy, you’d certainly get at least some $1500 for it.
Actually, because of Copyright infringements Gainax was not allowed to sell it (namely the Playboy bunny girl costume, and the famous music from Electric Light Orchestra), so they bundled it as a bonus with a production artbook.
For those who watched Densha Otoko, now you know where the opening, Minna, and the music from the opening came from. For those who didn’t, DO IT NOW! 😛
The video I posted there is an HD remastered version of the Laserdisc one.
Awesome! Very very awesome! I actually got a little teary eyed… ;_;

Source: SankakuComplex (NSFW)

Kobe Tetsujin Giant Robot Project

2 06 2009

Just a while ago I wrote about the recently finished Giant Gundam, and now I’m back talking about another giant robot being built in Japan:

It’s the even more classic Tatsujin-28 Gigantor, this time in Kobe…
Is it some project to prepare for war or some disaster coming up in 2012?
And will Akiba build a giant Kona-chan? 😛

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork and DannyChoo (check ‘em for more pics and info)

Tachikoma Transportation Module

24 05 2009

It’s a little bit different from Tachikoma (Ghost in the Shell), but yeah, close enough.

Like a prototype Tachikoma, which is awesome enough!
The video and “vehicle” were taken on a 2006 Wonfes!

Source: AkihabaraNews