Humanoid Robot (KHR-2HV) with iPhone (iPod touch) Head

23 05 2009

Interesting mod fusing a robot (you can buy it on robot stores in Japan) and an iPhone:

It’s still in early stages, and the video is kinda lousy… dunno if the camera lens are broken or the guy didn’t notice that something was blocking the view… but still an interesting addon.
Seems you can already do some poses and control the joints individually.
Too bad the robot looks kinda clumsy, because you know, with poses and all you could make it dance!
And a dancing robot is always awesome!

Source: Gizmodo

World’s Smallest Car

21 05 2009

Dunno if it still is, or if it really is/was… but it shure is awfully small!

Well, not a real car though… more like a reworked quad bike.
Still plenty fun! I know I’d piss my pants laughing if I saw something like that running around the streets… ‘till it got ran over that is. 😛

Source: TechEBlog

Force Dynamics – Super Mario Kart (SNES)

21 05 2009

You a Super Mario Kart fan? And who isn’t, right?
Now imagine yourself playing it on this very awesome Force Dynamics 301 Racing Simulator:

Check the official Force Dynamics website for other awesome racing simulators.
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Clap Your Hands Say Mario

16 05 2009

We’ve seen it live, we’ve seen it hard, we’ve seen it on Quake 3, we’ve mixed it with Duck Hunt, we’ve seen it backwards, we’ve seen it played with a mouse, we’ve seen it played with a hand
Now it’s time to see it played with MUSIC!

We’ve also seen it with Chuck Norris, we’ve seen the secret deaths, we’ve seen the opening with weird actor… believe it or not, I didn’t even mention all Mario posts on this blog. 😛

Source: Kotaku

Source: TechEBlog

iRobot Create Powder Graffiti

16 05 2009

Devices like the Roomba are having some creative usage lately.
So, it’s time the iRobot also display it’s creativity!

Here, it uses inkjet printer parts to make interesting powder prints on the carpet!
Funny how opposite to the Roomba, the iRobot is being used here to “dirty up” the floor. xD

Source: Gizmodo

PSP Mouse!

7 05 2009

…aaaand here’s why modding should always be allowed in all plaftorms:

Ok, maybe you don’t wan’t your PSP to have a mouse port or anything like that, but I guess this little mod shows the talent of modders out there.
I’m one of those persons who can’t play FPS games without a mouse… so this actually looks interesting to me.
HATE analog sticks, but that’s just me. I also know several people who can only play FPS with gamepads…

Source: Gizmodo

The Speak ‘n Spellbinder

22 04 2009

Awesome monstruosity created by MyGannon that mixed a Guitar Hero… guitar with a Speak ‘n Spell!

I know it sounds kinda weird, but if you think you can’t make good music with it, you need to listen more musics out there… xD

Source: Gizmodo

Super Mario Bros. 3 Rainbow Riding

18 04 2009

A mix of Mario 3 with Kirby Canvas Curse?

Very interesting new approach to the game!
Another FCEUX Lua hack!
Dunno if the video author is the same guy who made the mod, but I liked his nick: miaumiaumiau xD

Source: Kotaku

Quake 3 – Mario

16 04 2009

I know this is kinda old and all, but you know…

Quake 3 and Mario. Always fun.

Source: TechEBlog

Spy Megaphone Hack

15 04 2009

Kipkay is the author of this and several other awesome “hack” videos.

They are kinda hard, but I guess easy enough for the amateur electronics modding fan.

Souce: TechEBlog