Dustpan Roomba

30 07 2009

From iRobot, a Roomba mod designed to help people grab stuff on the floor:

Pretty interesting for people that, for some reason (disabilities, sickness, lazyness) needs help picking up stuff on the floor. 😀

Source: Gizmodo

Nintendo DS Transformed in Arcade!

15 07 2009

Pick a Nintendo DS Portable Gaming System, strip the “portable” from it, what do you get?

Yes, the ARCADE DS!
At first I thought “How stupid is that?”, since you’re basically stripping the main feature in which the DS was designed for, how useful would that be.
But then, I watched the video, and thought to myself “Well, this isn’t bad AT ALL!”
Because yes, it’d be absolutely awesome to have an arcade to play Rhythm Tengoku Gold!
Seems a PSP can be rigged to be played in the same way, so it’s a pretty interesting mod.

Source: TechEBlog

WiiMote Grapples

12 07 2009

WiiMotes are like the jokers of gadgetry! It’s been used for real life Space Invaders, as LCD killing spear/projectile, to make some music, and tons of other uses.
But this one is new.

How about using WiiMote to control a couple of giant 15 ton grapples?
No problem right? As long as I’m in a safe distance from it, that is. 😛

Source: Gizmodo

Half Life 2 – NeoTokyo

11 07 2009

NeoTokyo is a free Half Life 2 Mod that’s in development since October 2004, and it really shows in this trailer:

If you felt the place was familiar, it’s probably because the developers were inspired by animes like Ghost in the Shell and Akira!
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Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

7 07 2009

I read this confusing post few days ago about how Super Mario Bros level 1 would look if ported to the SNES. But the level looked like a mix of Super Mario Bros 2, with Super Mario Bros 3 elements, and some stuff I never saw before.

Mushroom Kingom Fusion / MKFusion / MKF

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion / MKFusion / MKF

So I decided to research a bit more about it, and thus I came to know about Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, a fan made game with modified Mario gameplay with other games cross over elements.
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Team Fortress 2 – The Tabletop RPG

5 07 2009

Here’s an interesting take on Team Fortress 2: A Tabletop RPG version!

Heavy Weapons Guy Character Sheet

Heavy Weapons Guy Character Sheet

If you don’t get it, you’re probably not old enough, not nerd enough, not an RPG fan… 😛
Story goes like this: Deadshot and cousing were “trapped” at their grandmother’s house without Internet or a TV to pass some time.
They were itching to play some Team Fortress 2, so they tried an “alternate” way: To make an RPG based on the game to play.
It came out so good they decided to create an unofficial RPG with all the material required.
So, they created and are updating little by little The Team Fortress 2 RPG blog with rulesets, characters sheets, and everything else. Neat!
Reminds me of a Marvel Superheroes based RPG I made 10+ years ago… it was nothing this fancy, but since I didn’t have RPG material to play with Marvel characters…

Source: Kotaku

Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Crashes

24 06 2009

Well, this one is actually fan made.
See, Team Fortress 2 taunts and voices are really fun… like in the As Seen on TV mixes!
So, YouTube user TF2Dubs mixed some fail/crash/accident videos with TF 2 sounds… and here’s the result:

Nice! xD

Source: Kotaku

Super Mario Bros. – Theremin Control

21 06 2009

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape new Super Mario Bros posts! MWA HA HA HA!
Tons of Mario posts on this blog, but don’t mind if I do add a new one, this time a theremin controlled Super Mario!

You know Super Mario will just enter history by being the test platform of all crazy game controlling gimmicks, game mixes and mods, and game music played with several different instruments…

Source: Kotaku

Wii Nunchuck Controlled Chair – BeanCat

10 06 2009

Looks like fun…

…as long as you know how to control it. 😛
From the Bay Area’s Maker Fair 2009.
You can check more info about the BeanCat on it’s official website.

Source: Gizmodo

Half Life 2 – Super Mario Bros

2 06 2009

Super Mario Bros is everywhere and in all styles and tastes possible, so it’s to be expected that there’s also a Half Life 2 version of it too!

Goombas looking a little more scary though… 😛

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