Andrew Meyer – Don’t Tase me Bro Automaton

8 05 2009

A wooden automaton made with the meme “Don’t Tase me Bro” as subject.

I still didn’t write about this specific meme yet, though I already posted some topics related to it.
Mixing ancient toys/technology with very recent and niche stuff always produce interesting things… xD

Source: Gizmodo

Lazy Town – You are a Pirate

14 04 2009

Clip from the kids show Lazy Town, remains a hit mostly because it was taken out of context…

…and adopted as a Internet meme for all things PIRATE! xD
Not to mention the whole Lazy Town and Stephanie stuff… which won’t be appearing on this very blog because I’m trying to keep post kids-safe. 😛
This is the original clip… I’ll refrain from posting the NSFW edits… 😛
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It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

10 04 2009

I guess it’s safe to say this one is a meme…

Classic even. The original animation was made using Flash a long time ago…
Original music from The Buckwheat Boys – Peanut Butter Jelly Time.
Dancing banana animated gif is around for sometime, I dunno it’s origins, but I remember it spawned several other animated gifs as a joke… like a dancing carrot, cucumber, etc…
One of the YouTube videos credits this to Ryan Gancenia Etrata… dunno if that’s correct though.

You are NOT the Father!!!

1 04 2009

Yeah, it’s yet another meme!
Well, it’s not used much because of it’s own limits… watch the video:

Really happened on yet another one of those shows with paternity tests.
But this time, the supposed father became a little too happy about being proven “not guilty”. xD
This meme, or a animated gif version, or even modified versions with other characters dacing just like him are used to display utter happyness, oftenly because of something politically wrong.
The following words might accompany this meme:
And similars.

Idk my bff Jill?

10 03 2009

Been sometime I don’t write about memes… but here’s one that came out from a Cingular ad:

Commonly used as “bff Jill” or “Idk my bff Jill”, it spawned around on discussion forums as a standard reply to questions about who did something, or who was someone…
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23 02 2009

Dunno if I can call this one a meme yet, but it’s completely random and lots of people like it: It’s Nanerpus!

From a Denny’s ad on this year’s Superbowl.
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NicoNico (DisneyLand) Electrical Parade

27 01 2009

Dunno if I should be posting this… few people will understand…

NicoNico Electrical Parade is a MAD video using DisneyLand Electrical Parade mixed with tons of NicoNico/2ch memes… so it’s for hardcore otaku understanding only.
But at least, for non-otaku, it probably will be entertaining, in a weird sort of way. 😛
It has at least some memes I already posted here… Touhou Ronald (br), Timotei, Yukkuri Shite Ittene (br), Angry German Kid, nipah, Natraps X… and some I have yet to write a post about. xD

Video is, of course, from Nico Nico Douga… but for some reason it was censo- erased there, so…

Source: SankakuComplex (NSFW)

Hampton The Hamster – The Hamster Dance Song

25 01 2009


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Bunchies (Green Llama)

23 01 2009

Born for no apparent reason, as pointed on the official Bunchies webste, this weird Internet meme got tons of YouTube music mixes after getting an animated version.

It’s weird, it walks funny, it looks like a green llama.
Aaand, I dunno what else to say about it.

Rick Roll’d / Rick Rolled / Rick Roll

16 01 2009


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