Survive Style 5+

2 08 2009

Another crazy creation of the new japanese cinema school, featuring british actor Vinnie Jones in the role he plays best: A thug contracted killer.

Different from most movies I presented so far though, Survive Style 5+ is less on the gory, disturbing or overall “adults with strong stomach” side, and more on the “weird” sense.
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Fight Ippatsu! Juuden chan!! Ending

30 07 2009

I never watched the, from what I understand, ecchi/fanservice filled anime Fight Ippatsu! Juuden chan!!, but I found this very interesting (non ecchi) meme about the episode ending.
The original one goes like this:

Catchy tune, cute animation, obvious memefying target! 😛 Even more considering the fanservice…
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Naisu no Mori / Funky Forest: The First Contact (NSFW)

27 07 2009

Years ago, when I used to spend my day on image boards, I remember seeing this extremely weird image quite oftenly in motivational pictures used when some weird news came from Japan.

Motivational - Japan, No further Explanation Needed - Naisu no Mori

Motivational - Japan, No further Explanation Needed - Naisu no Mori

Nowadays, I learned that most of that weirdness spread by western media (including mainstream) is a distorted image from Japan.
Like in yes, Japan has weird stuff, but if we make a selection of weird stuff in western countries chances are we’ll find WAY MORE stuff like this one…
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NicoNico Douga – Ryuuseigun Chaos

26 07 2009

A long time ago I made a post about NicoNico Douga Kumikyoku, a video that compiled tons of musics, images and animations that were all related to the japanese otaku society… now I bring you NicoNico Douga Ryuuseigun Chaos, which follows the same spirit!

Ryuuseigun Chaos

Ryuuseigun Chaos

Most of us won’t be able to recognize much, since there are tons of 2ch references we probably won’t know, but there are some memes and animes I already made posts about here on this very blog.
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OS-tan – Troubled Windows

19 07 2009

The first time I saw OS-tan was through this very interesting animation/music clip:

It has since become a much bigger thing, and I’ll try to explain a bit about it in this post.
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Muppets Show – Mahnamahna

11 07 2009

Dunno if I can call this a meme, since it’s previous to the concept and all, but it’s a very famous video previous to the YouTube era.
The Muppets Show – Mahnamahna

So catchy….
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Daler Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun

10 07 2009

Here’s a famous indian music video that’s popping up on the internets here and there:

So, why I’m posting this one?
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Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat!

23 05 2009

Fatso here is Charlie Schmidt’s cat, and he’s quite a success!

Alone playing the keyboard he’s already a very cool cat.
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Super Fighting Robot… Megaman!

20 05 2009

Super Fighting Robot… Megaman!

Super Fighting Robot… Megaman!

Super Fighting Robot… Megaman: Super Fighting Robot… Megaman!

Slap Chop Mixes (NSFW)

11 05 2009

Yes, you’ve seen this before, but not in this many different brands!
Few days ago I made a post called As Seen on TV Remix with this awesome Slap Chop “Rap Chop” starring ShamWow guy, Vince:

Today, I bring you even more Slap Chop video mixes!
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