Naisu no Mori / Funky Forest: The First Contact (NSFW)

27 07 2009

Years ago, when I used to spend my day on image boards, I remember seeing this extremely weird image quite oftenly in motivational pictures used when some weird news came from Japan.

Motivational - Japan, No further Explanation Needed - Naisu no Mori

Motivational - Japan, No further Explanation Needed - Naisu no Mori

Nowadays, I learned that most of that weirdness spread by western media (including mainstream) is a distorted image from Japan.
Like in yes, Japan has weird stuff, but if we make a selection of weird stuff in western countries chances are we’ll find WAY MORE stuff like this one…
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Hatsune Miku ~Project Diva~ – Yui Ogura (PSP)

26 07 2009

I wrote sometime ago about the PSP rhythm game with Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku, and I remember even questioning how good the dancing was, looking more like motion capture than something computer generated… and I was right.

Only I didn’t knew the motion capture process was made by 13yr old idol Yui Ogura! o_O
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NicoNico Douga – Ryuuseigun Chaos

26 07 2009

A long time ago I made a post about NicoNico Douga Kumikyoku, a video that compiled tons of musics, images and animations that were all related to the japanese otaku society… now I bring you NicoNico Douga Ryuuseigun Chaos, which follows the same spirit!

Ryuuseigun Chaos

Ryuuseigun Chaos

Most of us won’t be able to recognize much, since there are tons of 2ch references we probably won’t know, but there are some memes and animes I already made posts about here on this very blog.
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Strong Machine 2

25 07 2009

Ad for the Anime Matsuri convention featuring Strong Machine 2…

… a girl with strange dancing capabilities installed. xD

Source: A comment from user denki at a Kotaku post.

KissMa (Browser)

22 07 2009

Japanese developers Party-Tencho brings this crazy japanese browser game that kinda looks like a side scrolling kiss?-em-up game! 😛

Just like their other game, KOI2, it’s completely nonsensical and funny, with different power ups that’ll crack you up!

Check it out at Party-Tencho’s official KissMa website!

MockMoon2000 – Miniature Trains

20 07 2009

MockMoon2000 is an awesome japanese photographer who has a series of time lapse videos on YouTube.
Here’s a couple of videos themed as Miniature Trains:

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Nintendo DS Transformed in Arcade!

15 07 2009

Pick a Nintendo DS Portable Gaming System, strip the “portable” from it, what do you get?

Yes, the ARCADE DS!
At first I thought “How stupid is that?”, since you’re basically stripping the main feature in which the DS was designed for, how useful would that be.
But then, I watched the video, and thought to myself “Well, this isn’t bad AT ALL!”
Because yes, it’d be absolutely awesome to have an arcade to play Rhythm Tengoku Gold!
Seems a PSP can be rigged to be played in the same way, so it’s a pretty interesting mod.

Source: TechEBlog