Visitor Q (NSFW) (Gore)

2 08 2009

Visitor Q is a japanese disturbing gore movie by Takashi Miike which I only read about, but don’t really mean to watch. 😛

As you can see from the trailer, it doesn’t even had many scenes so strong and disturbing the movie is.
It has strong sexual content, so absolutely not intended for minors, but I have my doubts it’s even intended for normal human beings! xD
Never watched it, I know a couple of other Takashi Miike movies like Audition and Koroshiya Ichi, but after reading the full sinopsis of Visitor Q, I decided not to watch it… 😛
So, what’s the purpose of the post? Well, if you are a gore movie fan with stomach enough to watch one with such themes, have a good time with it! xD
This is also an interesting “dark side” of japanese cinema most people don’t really know.

Survive Style 5+

2 08 2009

Another crazy creation of the new japanese cinema school, featuring british actor Vinnie Jones in the role he plays best: A thug contracted killer.

Different from most movies I presented so far though, Survive Style 5+ is less on the gory, disturbing or overall “adults with strong stomach” side, and more on the “weird” sense.
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Suicide Circle / Suicide Club (Gore)

1 08 2009

In Japan, it’s known as Jisatsu Circle or Suicide Circle. Has been translated to the english title Suicide Club.
It’s a very disturbing movie that’s part gore, part police investigation, part suspense.
Don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach or don’t like the gore genre!

The story goes about the investigation on a series of mass suicides that starts happening in Japan.
For those who watched or know about it, the most shocking/disturbing and famous part happens right in the beginning of the movie, when 54 schoolgirls line up giving hands to each other in a train station, jumping in front of a train right when it’s arriving, killing themselves and literally splashing (Tarantino style) blood all over the station and people there.

Audition (NSFW) (Gore)

30 07 2009

Audition, a Takashi Miike movie (also author of equally gory Koroshiya Ichi), is among the new school japanese movies which are considered by some, the most disturbing movies around.

The actual story isn’t bad: It’s about a middle aged widower looking for a new wife, which ends up posing a supposed “audition” for a movie with the help of his son, with the true purpose of finding this new wife for him.
The story then evolves when he finds one “perfect” japanese wife, and only after sometime starts finding out bits and pieces of her past, which will reveal her true personality.
The graphical situations portrayed in the movie, including torture, dismemberment, and sexual content makes it too strong for most people.
Summary: If you were shaken by movies like Saw or Hostel, keep your distance from Takashi Miike movies because they make these two look like a ride in the park. 😛

Iron Man and Wolverine – Anime Version!

29 07 2009

Legendary anime studio Madhouse is making adaptation of classic Marvel heroes, following up on the unholy matrimony tendency mixing japanese animation with american/western stuff.

A very decent trailer I must say…
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Battle Royale Movie (Gore)

28 07 2009

Battle Royale, a popular manga in Brazil, has it’s origins on a novel that also has a movie adaptation:

Having watched the movie and read just a couple of volumes from the manga, I can tell that the movie cuts back on the sexual content, but still has lots of the gore.
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Nijikaku (PC) (NSFW)

28 07 2009

Nijikaku is the ultimate Mugen fighting game for japanese otaku!
Played it a long time ago… some months after this blog started, I remember trying to make a post about the game, but couldn’t find the info to it.
Notice it’s a game with fanmade characters, so it might have some NSFW content.

But just earlier today for some reason I remembered this japanese meme character known as Waha! (which is actually a character from a famous eroge and also symbol to a japanese image board), and with that I decided to continue searching more about it.
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