The Book of Eli

29 07 2009

As I just finished playing Fallout 3, I decided to make a post about this upcoming Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman movie called The Book of Eli:

Also happens in a post apocalyptic future, and lots of fans are comparing the movie with Fallout 3… but I suspect that almost every post-apocalyptic movie will have stuff comparable to Fallout 3, since the theme has very distinguishing characteristics, such as: destroyed buildings, a “sole survivor” hero that can save humanity, lots of guns and weapons, etc etc. Like in Madmax, I am Legend, and several other tales.
And I’m very happy with all this because I just love post-apocalyptic stories. Battle Royale and Dragon Head are a couple of very nice mangas I can quote on this, and post-apocalyptic stories are close to my favorite literature genre too: Dystopic futures. Like 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, etc.
Also, I won’t judge which is best, which is better, because it’s all about personal taste… but I find it difficult for any 2 hour long movie reflect everything Fallout 3 has. Politics, portraits of common people living that era, the moral choices you have to make, prejudice and personalities we have on the game and stuff like that.
Still, having the Man on Fire Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in a post-apocalyptic movie… what more can I ask for?

Source: Kotaku


Abandonware – Rise of the Triad – ROTT (PC)

28 07 2009

Rise of the Triad (ROTT) is the one FPS I never conformed that it never got a proper sequel, because it was VERY AWESOME!

I don’t know how many trends it started, how many innovations it introduced to the genre, but there are several remarkable stuff I remember from this game.
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Nijikaku (PC) (NSFW)

28 07 2009

Nijikaku is the ultimate Mugen fighting game for japanese otaku!
Played it a long time ago… some months after this blog started, I remember trying to make a post about the game, but couldn’t find the info to it.
Notice it’s a game with fanmade characters, so it might have some NSFW content.

But just earlier today for some reason I remembered this japanese meme character known as Waha! (which is actually a character from a famous eroge and also symbol to a japanese image board), and with that I decided to continue searching more about it.
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Luminara (Browser)

27 07 2009

Luminara is a simple fast paced straight geometric shooter that uses both the keyboard (movement) and mouse (aim).



Developed by John and hosted on Armor Games, you can play it by clicking the image or this link to Luminara’s Armor Games webpage.

Source: Friend Rafael from game development post graduate course mail list!

Wolf Team (PC)

27 07 2009

Everytime I travel back home I get stuck with a lower spec’d computer (like, I can’t play games like Fallout 3), but I always can find good replacements for my FPS fix.
Wolf Team is an online FPS that fits right into that category, just like Combat Arms did before!

I’m actually a Counter Strike Source addict, but apart from graphic details and some differences that doesn’t really get in the way of making it fun to play, Wolf Team has it all!
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Abandonware – Dink Smallwood (PC)

26 07 2009

Here it is, the first Independent Game on the Abandonware section! 😀
Dink Smallwood is a hillarious game made by RTsoft in the same style as Zelda or the first Diablo games, called isometric view:

The graphics are kinda weird, and back then the game had several bugs, but the dialogues and story are absolutely hillarious.
If I remember correctly, I didn’t finish it because a bug locked my character in some part of the game… I think it was an Orc village or something. Still, had lots of fun with it.
And it seems there’s a “recent” 2006 update that fixed most bugs (the game is originally from 1997).
It’s worth giving it a shot, specially for the humor.
You can get a copy at RTsoft’s Dink Smallwood official page.

Source: Remembered about it while writing another post… 😛

Hatsune Miku ~Project Diva~ – Yui Ogura (PSP)

26 07 2009

I wrote sometime ago about the PSP rhythm game with Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku, and I remember even questioning how good the dancing was, looking more like motion capture than something computer generated… and I was right.

Only I didn’t knew the motion capture process was made by 13yr old idol Yui Ogura! o_O
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