Bulletsss (PC)

19 07 2009

Bulletsss an interesting platformer-puzzle game made by indie developer Arvi Teikari:



If you think you played something similar to this previously, it’s probably Bulletzorz, the prequel to Bulletsss, also made by Hempuli (Arvi Teikari).
You basically have to reach the flag using a gun that shoots huge bullets to help out.
While testplaying it, I kinda got stuck in an early level… but it’s pretty nice and challenging.
Click the image or this link to the official Bulletsss website.


KOI2 (Browser)

18 07 2009

By japanese developers Party-Tencho, with a game genre I love: Crazy nonsense japanese style! xD

KOI2, a play with the words Koi (love) and Koitsu (jerk, but could be used in a playful way), is the name of the game and also what the “wife” will say everytime you give a successful “flick” to her forehead! xD
When you miss, she says “Dame” (no, blocked, fail, etc).
The objective is to give the wife as many flicks to the forehead as you can… and the power ups, oh the power ups, is what makes this game truly awesome! xD
Almost forgot: Go to Party-Tencho website to play it!

Source: IndieGames

Abandonware – Scorched 3D (PC)

17 07 2009

Scorched 3D is a 3D update to the original Scorched Earth DOS game.
I placed this one on Abandonware too because it’s been some years I first played it, so even though it is 3D, it’s not exactly new.

But tons of people still play it, the game is completely free, and worth trying… specially for those who gets irritated by Worms games (voices specially).
Even though Worms 3D gameplay is pretty close, the weapons on Scorched 3D, based on the original game, are far more entertaining (IMO).
Grab it at the official Scorched 3D webpage!

Bulletzorz (PC)

16 07 2009

Bulletzorz is a platformer puzzle game made by Indie developer Arvi Teikari.



Crayon like graphics and simple gameplay. You have to collect all gems in the level using a gun that shoots huge bullets… so huge you can actually ride them.
Click the image or this link to the official Hampuli Bulletzorz page, where you’ll be able to download a .zip version of it.

Source: IndieGames

HRmageddon (Browser)

15 07 2009

HRmageddon (probably stands for Human Resources Armageddon) from THUP Games is an awesome take on the battle to keep your cubicle job! xD



Your company is merging with another one, and the owners decided that the employees will fight each other to see who keeps the job… literally.
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Fragger (Browser)

12 07 2009

So, do you like exploding terrorists with grenades (in a game of course)?



If so, Harold Brenes’ Fragger is the perfect game for you.
Even more if you enjoyed games like Kitten Cannon, Yeti Games or Worms… because that’s what Fragger is about.
You have to throw grenades in given scenarios to blow terrorists up, considering the physics of it, adjusting your aim and power.

The game isn’t hard, but very enjoyable… I finished the easy level (getting my Fragmaster badge), but didn’t try it on hard yet.

Click the image or this link to Armor Games’ official Fragger webpage!

Source: IndieGames

Holdover (PC)

10 07 2009

Made by japanese indie developer Fox Eye, this interesting side scroller with puzzle elements is kind on the hard side.



In Holdover, you play as Marie, a girl who just woke up on some sort of cryogenic chamber in an abandoned complex and is trying to figure out what happened to her and the world.
I have to add that some of the art on the game is a bit on the erotic side (some nudity and almost see-through clothing), though nothing explicit (might make some unconfortable though).
Probably has something to do with the artist doujin background… 😛
As the developer himself states, the english is sufferable at most.. but it’s understandable, and I only have to thank him for trying to make an english version.
Finally, a word to the short tempered: This is a very hard game. Specially the underwater parts because the timing to avoid drowning is pretty tight.
Click the image or this link to the official Holdover website. After everything loads up, there’s a big blue button to download the game.
It’s compressed in .lhz extention, so you need 7-zip or some other decompressing utility.

Source and more info: IndieGames