Luminara (Browser)

27 07 2009

Luminara is a simple fast paced straight geometric shooter that uses both the keyboard (movement) and mouse (aim).



Developed by John and hosted on Armor Games, you can play it by clicking the image or this link to Luminara’s Armor Games webpage.

Source: Friend Rafael from game development post graduate course mail list!

Abandonware – Dink Smallwood (PC)

26 07 2009

Here it is, the first Independent Game on the Abandonware section! 😀
Dink Smallwood is a hillarious game made by RTsoft in the same style as Zelda or the first Diablo games, called isometric view:

The graphics are kinda weird, and back then the game had several bugs, but the dialogues and story are absolutely hillarious.
If I remember correctly, I didn’t finish it because a bug locked my character in some part of the game… I think it was an Orc village or something. Still, had lots of fun with it.
And it seems there’s a “recent” 2006 update that fixed most bugs (the game is originally from 1997).
It’s worth giving it a shot, specially for the humor.
You can get a copy at RTsoft’s Dink Smallwood official page.

Source: Remembered about it while writing another post… 😛

Mars TD Plus (Browser)

25 07 2009

Mars TD Plus, by Taro, is an awesome tower defense style game in which you have to defend your base from aliens.

Mars TD+

Mars TD+

It’s japanese, so you’ll find some japanese text in the middle.
But it’s fairly easy to understand and play the game even if you don’t know japanese, which is also my case.
I’ll try to help out with the stuff I already found out.
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Terrordrome (PC)

24 07 2009

Fighting games with blood and gore with real actors is awesome… but why not take it to the next level?
Terrordrome is an unlicensed independent fighting game that has famous horror movie characters as players:

Interesting proposal, only possible on independent channels.
The game was created by Marc Echave, and seems it’s still in early stages… the official website is missing some stuff, but you can get Terrordrome official Demo already!
I dunno which characters were included, but I’m cheering for some cenobites from Hellraiser… xD

Source: IndieGames

Augmented Reality Memory (PC)

24 07 2009

How about playing the older-than-my-grandma Memory game using not-too-new-but-still-new Augmented Reality technology?

From developers Beyond Reality, this memory game has a twist!
Instead of just finding cards that match, you have to find the ones that interacts with each other!
Shure, Augmented Reality is used just as a cosmetic enhancement, but it’s still pretty nice!
Technology-wise, notice they don’t use plain markers… so the game also has an image processing and recognition side to it.
It’s a concept for now, but it’s nice to see some people are still trying to make use of Augmented Reality in games in different ways…

Source: Found while researching about another game concept from the same company: PIT Strategy…

KissMa (Browser)

22 07 2009

Japanese developers Party-Tencho brings this crazy japanese browser game that kinda looks like a side scrolling kiss?-em-up game! 😛

Just like their other game, KOI2, it’s completely nonsensical and funny, with different power ups that’ll crack you up!

Check it out at Party-Tencho’s official KissMa website!

PIT Strategy (PC)

20 07 2009

For Stock Car/NASCAR fans, PIT Strategy is an Augmented Reality game with a different point of view:

From developers Beyond Reality, the idea isn’t to drive the cars, but to control the pit stops, make them as fast as you can.
It’s a game concept for now, but it’s nice to see some people are still trying to make use of Augmented Reality in games in different ways…

Source: it was a while ago, I couldn’t find exactly who sent this, but it was on a game development discussion list…