Food Fight

8 02 2009

Can you imagine historic war scenarios re-enacted by… food?
Well, Stefan Nadelman can!

I bet you could recognize some of them, but if you want the full list and more info, check the Food Fight official website!
Notice Stefan makes it clear that this is an American-centered view of the events, so don’t take this too seriously…
Though I think this is a much more efficient way of making people learn about those wars, the video has no intention of making an accurate representation of the historic events. 🙂

Source: Member NaKAhi70 News post at

Coffee Recharge!

21 01 2009

While in Japan, I noticed they have very interesting ways of packaging their products.

Check for instance, this pretty cool refil pack for a well known product in Brazil.
Interesting, no?


Nendoroid Miku and Teishoku

16 01 2009

Late last year I found a japanese restaurant here where I live (Curitiba-Brazil) that serves traditional japanese Teishoku… which are “meal kits” that has different stuff to compose a complete meal.

Miku Teishoku

Miku Teishoku

Sorry for the bad pic… the restaurant was full, we got this table next to the kitchen which was in a badly lighted area… and I use a cellphone cam, so… 😛

But anyways, the meal was very nice. Chicken didn’t look so great but it tasted ok.
I had better teishokus in other brazilian cities, but this one wasn’t bad… just not great. 😛

It’s unusual in Brazil, though very common in Japan… in Brazil when you say “japanese restaurant” it’s usually sushi, sashimi or yakissoba.

Ever tasted japanese teishokus? Do you like them?

Check another post I made with delicious onsen and ryokan food.

Tsuruya-san and megas delicious Subway cookies nyoro

14 01 2009

Been a long time I don’t make food + figure posts…

Tsuruya Subway Cookies

Tsuruya Subway Cookies

The question this time is: Do you have any food addictions?
I love Subway cookies… they are deliciously moist! 😛
The only downside is that sometimes they smell just like Subway sandwiches… xD

Syke Makes Life Like a Video Game!

5 01 2009

Awesome ad!

Seems it’s made by Paul Robertson, who’s the author of some other very awesome videos that mixes gaming action with cute pixelated style graphics.
His other non-commercial videos goes more along the lines of side scrolling gruesome (like Metal Slug) action… I didn’t post them here yet because of the nsfw content (which this ad doesn’t have).
But maybe I’ll do it later on… the guy deserves recognition!

Source: Gizmodo

Merry Sushi!

25 12 2008 your very own Chyo no otosan!

Merry Sushi!

Merry Sushi!

Super Mario Galaxy – THE Cake

2 12 2008

I don’t usually make cake posts, but this one deserves it!

I mean, really… dunno if this can even be called a cake.
It’s more like a diorama, scale model, work of art or something…
Source: Kotaku

Brazilian Japanese Food Markets

1 12 2008

More pics I took on my recent trip where I got my Latest Loot

Japanese Food Stores

Japanese Food Stores

…this time on japanese food markets.
Continue lendo »

Dried squid nekomimi mode Hazuki-chan desu

21 11 2008

Another food and figure post…

Hazuki and dried squid

Hazuki and dried squid

…with Hazuki-chan and… dried squid?

Dried squid is a snack in Japan… and I know everyone who never tasted it will find this weird, but it’s really yummy!

As for Hazuki-chan, she was my first figure along with Mina (from Densha Otoko). And she’s still one of my favorites. She’s also part of the reason why I admire figures… a really well done figure with care for details on hair and clothing like I had never seen before.

Mikuru-chan and delicious fruit jelly

20 11 2008

I never noticed ‘till now…

Mikuru and jelly

Mikuru and jelly

…how big Mikuru-chan’s jelly is. 😛

But seriously now, delicious japanese fruit jelly.
I remember that I saw this a long time ago in a trip to Sao Paulo city, but only a few years back I decided that I had to try it.
And it’s delicious! Comes in several different flavors, but basically, it’s some transparent jelly with little chunks of fruit floating inside.
Ever tasted it?