Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – Browse for the Better

18 06 2009

I’ll be 100% sincere here: Internet Explorer is my LAST browser of choice, for several reasons.
BUT after I heard about this campaign, I ended up downloading the 8th installment of it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 - Browser for the Better

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 - Browser for the Better

Here’s Microsoft’s catch: For every full Internet Explorer 8 download made on the Browse for the Better website, 8 meals will be donated to Feeding America, an NGO that distribute those meals to people in need.
See, you only have to download it to get Microsoft to spend their money on donations.
The campaign goes from June 10th to August 8th… but don’t wait to download it later, just go and download it now otherwise you’ll forget. 😛
Bill Gates is well known for being the one guy that donated the biggest sums around for charity, there is an official Microsoft press release for the campaign, and they never said you actually have to use it to make your download valid… so I say, even if you don’t use Internet Explorer, go ahead and just download it. It’s for a good cause.

Source: Gizmodo

Ice Cream Scoop & Stack

3 06 2009

Nothing really exceptional with this product, but it made me hungry and I wanted to make everyone else watery mouthed for some ice cream… so here:

Truth is, I’m kinda feeling like that ice cream right now… all cold and packed. 😛

Source: TechEBlog

Subservient Chicken

27 05 2009

This is VERY old by now, but I remembered about it and now I must publish it for posterity. 😛
Tired of obeying orders ALL DAY from your boss? Fear no more, Subservient Chicken for the RESCUE!

Subservient Chicken

Subservient Chicken

A Burger King campaign, Subservient Chicken is a page where a giant chicken is always ready to follow your orders!
Just click the image and try it! You’ll be amazed on how many things it does… 😀

Source: Memory Bank. 😛

Japanese Watermelons

13 05 2009

By now, you already know that you can find square shapped watermelons in Japan, right?

Square Watermelons

Square Watermelons

Yeah right. But they also come in some different shapes, see…
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Dole Bananas Ads

5 05 2009

Here’s something you would never see in Brazil: an ad campaign for bananas!

But in Japan makes absolute sense (the fact that there are ads, not this ad though) since bananas are expensive as hell there!
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Movie Food Metal Band

19 04 2009

This is the intro to Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie…

…and the most epic movie theater video I’ve ever seen in my life!

All thanks to: Kaiser-Machead comment on Gizmodo

Disgusting Dominos Analisys

18 04 2009

Everyone must’ve watched this video by now, with former Dominos’ employees doing disgusting stuff on food that’s going to be delivered:

But I wanna get out of the mainstream opinnion, and raise some questions on the whole deal.
It’s pretty obvious how the video was associated with Dominos (see the caps and shirts). And while I personally don’t like Dominos stuff much, one has to wonder if this wasn’t something plotted by some Dominos competitor.
I know people are certainly capable of stupidities like those, but I also know that competitors may go to great lenghts to put the competition down, even more in times of crisis.
So let’s say another fast food chain promised a better paying job, or a big reward for doing a video like that.
Of course, it’s just speculation at this time, but not too far fetched isn’t it?
The problem as I see isn’t this particular case, but how the reaction it caused may in fact provoke such practices.
So, all things considered, I’m really hoping depite all, that this video is real and the employees were fired… because if it isn’t, this might be part of a way bigger problem we’ll be facing from now on.

Source: BombounaWeb

This is why you’re fat.

3 03 2009

A very interesting blog with pics of food… food that if I ate, the title for me would be “This is why you’re dead.” 😛

This is why you're fat.

This is why you're fat.

And the worst part is: Some of the pics looks absolutely delicious!
Of course that doesn’t stop the fact that they would completely block my arteries with cholesterol…

Click the image or this link for This is why you’re fat.
Do beware though: if you have heart problems, if you’re on a diet, or for some reason you can’t eat greasy, high caloric, juicy sweet stuff, it’s kind of a torture for the eyes… xD

Source: FolhaOnline

A years worth of Japanese Food in Tokyo

23 02 2009

Do you like japanese food? Do you really know japanese food?

Danny from selected 365 food pics from his “Week in Tokyo” series and made this neat video.
Music is Change Chance by Primarees.

Source and more info at

Tokyo – Lost in a Moment

15 02 2009

Interesting yet simple video made by letting a camera go around on a sushi bar conveyor belt.

Filmed by Dennis Wheatley and Stefan McClean.
Music with same name, by Shrift

Letting the video aside, there are lots of sushi chains that works just like that, with the conveyor belts delivering several types of sushis to the costumers. They are called kaiten-zushi.
You can either order sushis and other stuff, or you can pick the ones you find interesting that are passing by. The ones you ordered are marked so no one else gets it.

Usually, you pay for the ammount of dishes in your table. Very practical. I’ll make a post about them later on explaining how they work in detail…

Source: Gizmodo