18 03 2009

A classic joke that’s been around a long time before digital cameras and stuff… if you’re old enough, chances are you also have a baby pictures of yourself in a fake magazine cover!



Website WriteOnIt.org has a very easy way to accomplish that effect, and some others…
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Twitter Robot

14 03 2009

A robot receives a Twitter message, promptly moves it’s Asus EEE powered body guided by his Logitech webcam eye to make his master’s popcorn.

Is this convergence or what?
Well, maybe it’s just a sign that we’re slowly walking towards Wall-E’s future.

Source: TecheBlog

Gaping Hole Costume

5 03 2009

An interesting idea to create a convincing Halloween costume…
..simulating a gaping hole made with… say… a shotgun?
If you didn’t get it, it’s an LCD screen that displays what a camera on your back is capturing… creating a “hole” in you.

Source: TecheBlog

History of the Internet

15 02 2009

Here’s a video that tells the history of the Internet, centered more on technologies, hardware and protocols (rather than software), in a way everyone can understand (or almost):

Source: Gizmodo

Real Portal Gun

3 02 2009

You a Portal fan?
If the answer is “Yes I am!”, then here, have some fun:

Portal Gun

Portal Gun

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Motion Controlled MP3 Player

31 01 2009

Kinda useless, but cool anyways:

From HackedGadgets, the mod was made by Elm-chan… just in case you suddenly feel the urge to do something like that, check Elm-chan’s Motion Controlled MP3 Player page… and good luck with that.

Souce: Gizmodo

Internet Dog Feeder

30 01 2009

The project might look a little crude, but Tyler says he made it in under 1 hour… so it’s pretty awesome!

With some improvements, you could check on your dog/cat/pet and feed it when you’re not home.

Source: TechEBlog