Star Wars Sound Effect with Slinkies

3 08 2009

If you still have metal slinkies, here’s a video showing how to do some laser rifle shooting effect from Star Wars:

In Brazil, finding a slinkie is something of a rarity… even more if it’s a metal one.

Source: TechEBlog

CrazyBuilders – Propeller Powered Skateboard

28 06 2009

If you ever watched A Pup Named Scooby-Doo you probably hate cartoon babyfication, but also probably wondered when someone was going to make a rocket propelled skateboard…

Unfortunately, as Ryan puts it, rocket propellers might be a little too dangerous to be placed on a wooden board that could go flipping around hitting the fuel tank and exploding on thin air. BUT, a fan propelled one is fine too.

CrazyBuilders is run by Ryan Bavetta, ex-MIT student that runs DIY-like projects and “how it works” videos.

Source: TechEBlog

How to Make a Dog out of Towels

14 06 2009

While I was searching about Towel Dog, tons of videos and images of dogs made out of towels came up.
So, if you’re interested in making them, here:

Source: Chance. 😛

Water Bottle Mobile Speakers

12 06 2009

A neat DIY project to make your small speakers more portable…

Well, it’s also a nice way to hide your speakers or use some otherwise wasted space to store them… provided you don’t carry water bottles, or your backpack has 2 side pockets for instance.
Check the Instructables website to see how to do the water bottle mobile speakers.

Source: Gizmodo

Exploding Confetti Canon

1 06 2009

I wish I had the skills and parts to do this:

Only maybe I’d replace confetti for hand grenades… hmmmm 😛

Source: TechEBlog

Milk Light

27 04 2009

Lights made of LED and milk bottles, you can do it yourself by following some instructables!

The effect is pretty interesting, and it will save you some $ on the energy bill! 😀

Source: Gizmodo

DIY: Motion Triggered Spycam

10 04 2009

Paranoid about people invading your house/room/secret closet filled with “educational” magazines?

Check out this neat video on how to make a motion triggered spycam! 😀

Source: TechEBlog


18 03 2009

A classic joke that’s been around a long time before digital cameras and stuff… if you’re old enough, chances are you also have a baby pictures of yourself in a fake magazine cover!



Website has a very easy way to accomplish that effect, and some others…
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Twitter Robot

14 03 2009

A robot receives a Twitter message, promptly moves it’s Asus EEE powered body guided by his Logitech webcam eye to make his master’s popcorn.

Is this convergence or what?
Well, maybe it’s just a sign that we’re slowly walking towards Wall-E’s future.

Source: TecheBlog

Gaping Hole Costume

5 03 2009

An interesting idea to create a convincing Halloween costume…
..simulating a gaping hole made with… say… a shotgun?
If you didn’t get it, it’s an LCD screen that displays what a camera on your back is capturing… creating a “hole” in you.

Source: TecheBlog