Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice (TED Talks)

15 12 2008

This isn’t new, but an awesome video nonetheless.

From the TED Talks conference, a great lecture on an idea that can be applied to several different areas.
One of those videos that can change your perception of things. Watch it.

The Super Columbine Massacre RPG

28 11 2008

I guess this is kinda old by now, and I certainly heard of it before, but I guess it’s always worth mentioning.

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Google Services…

26 11 2008

A discussion, and an update. How many of the Google Services you use today?
Gmail webmail looks very solid and nice to me, so maybe that’s why…

GMail Themes!

Gmail Themes!

…they are starting to work on the looks now. 😀
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Billy Suicide

23 11 2008

An interesting game in which you must avoid letting your character from getting depressed…

Billy Suicide

Billy Suicide

…raised some discussions and provoked anger from suicide prevention groups for supposedly treating suicide too lightly and that such game can influence someone on killing him/herself.

I’ll take Andy’s (from The Escapist) argument as mine, and say that a person must have lots of other REAL problems before considering suicide after playing such game.

Click the image or the link for the NewGrounds Billy Suicide game page and judge it yourself.

Source: The Escapist

Jubei Ninpucho (Ninja Scroll) live-action movie?

1 11 2008

Quick news: Ninja Scroll‘s movie adaptation rights was bought by Warner Brothers and Appian Way production company(Leonardo DiCaprio) just a few days ago.

Ninja Scroll (Jubei Ninpucho)

Ninja Scroll (Jubei Ninpucho)

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Anime Discussion: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

20 08 2008

Remember those more serious posts I promised to make from time to time?
Yep… the last one must’ve been half a century ago… like from Serial Experiments Lain anime and Bokurano

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Just a reminder: This post can contain some spoilers… but trying to avoid ruining the plot for those who didn’t watch it yet.
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Anime Discussion: Bokurano

4 07 2008

The anime for this discussion is: Bokurano.



This post is part of the series of anime discussions with adult themes.
Once again, not erotic content, but content that raises complex questions and has a serious plot which children wouldn’t understand or don’t have enough maturity to understand it fully.
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Anime Discussion: Serial Experiments Lain

15 06 2008

Beginning a new series of topics, the idea is to discuss about some animes where the theme escapes the common-place.

For the first anime of the series, I brought Serial Experiments Lain.

Serial Experiments Lain

The discussion might have spoilers, so if you still didn’t watch it and intends to do so, read this topic some other time… though it might be interesting to read this even before watching it.
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26 05 2008

This year’s Mother’s day I decided to buy an Asus EEE PC as a gift, since my mom needed a simple computer to write e-mails, web surfing and typing simple texts.


Making use of the experience I had with the little guy, I decided to write this topic with some stuff people who are interested in buying one might want to know.

Attention: I also wrote a portuguese version of this review, which also contains relevant localization information for brazilian Eee PC owners. If you wanna read it, go –> here.
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