Iron Man and Wolverine – Anime Version!

29 07 2009

Legendary anime studio Madhouse is making adaptation of classic Marvel heroes, following up on the unholy matrimony tendency mixing japanese animation with american/western stuff.

A very decent trailer I must say…
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xkcd – Students

29 03 2009

Dunno if this happens only with Randall (xkcd’s author) and me, but it seems it’s some sort of universal phenomena:

XKCD - Students

XKCD - Students

I too had tons of dreams just like that one long after graduating.
The sad part is: Now that I’m back to being an university student again, the dream WILL MAKE SENSE…


When Slow Computers are Good…

19 03 2009

True or not?

Source: Eviljaymz via Gizmodo

X-Men Origins – Wolverine

19 12 2008

Here’s the new trailer for the upcoming X-Men Origins movie: Wolverine.

Very nice idea, since Wolverine is one of the favorite characters, and his past is among the most interesting stories in Marvel comics (before they ruined it, at least).
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Watchmen Movie

16 12 2008

Watchmen, one of the most acclaimed comic books of all times,written by Alan Moore, will get it’s movie version released in March 2009.

Watchmen Movie

Watchmen Movie

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Batman: Arkham Asylum

10 12 2008

Batman: Arkham Asylum game is looking better everytime I see it on the news…

Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum

…and once again, The Joker steals Batman’s thunder.
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Iron Man Cosplay

9 12 2008

As you probably know, Cosplay comes from costume + play.

And this must be one happy kid with the best father ever, because his Iron Man costume is just awesome! 😛

Source and more info: Gizmodo

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Fatalities

23 11 2008

For those who have no problems with spoilers…

…and those who won’t get this game and are only interested in the fatalities (like me). 😛

Source: Kotaku


4 11 2008




…another funny web comic (4koma).
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Interesting Fanart – Simpsons x Naruto

19 10 2008


Simpsons x Naruto

Simpsons x Naruto

…with a Simpsons look!
If anyone knows the author of this, please comment so I can credit him/her. (the file says Pumpkin Girl)