Cellphone Etiquette on the White House

18 05 2009

Here’s a lesson to everyone, fellow journalists specially:

DO NOT keep your cellphone on (or at least keep it on vibrate) in a press conference in the White House.
No, seriously, the second guy should be banned for being a douche.
This is a complete lack of respect to Gibbs and the other journalists. I know kids more polite than that.
I hate self righteous people who thinks they are so important they can keep interrupting meetings and bothering people with stupid cellphone calls, specially when he/she uses some stupid ringtone.
Here’s what I think the guy should’ve done though.

Source: Gizmodo

Samsung Alias2

14 05 2009

Samsung Alias² is a pretty standard cellphone, only it has one feature which is the reason why I’m posting it here:

As you might’ve guessed, it’s the customizable keyboard thinguie… which is pretty neat!
Dunno about the quality of the rest of the cellphone features though, but just thought of sharing the whole concept. 😀

Source: Gizmodo

BlackBerry – TweetGenius

8 05 2009

I’m still not much into the whole Twitter thing, mainly because I’m already flooded with the stuff I use today, but here’s an interesting app for BlackBerry cellphones: the TweetGenius

I dunno much about the app in cellphones, but it seems there’s already a free twitter app for BlackBerries, and of course a bunch of apps for the iPhone.

Source: Gizmodo

Samsung Omnia HD

6 05 2009

Samsung’s new cellphone Omnia HD is coming with impressive stuff like a huge AMOLED touchscreen, HD video playback and recording, and some other stuff you can see on this video:

Pretty nice huh?
Just please don’t call it “iPhone killer” or crap like that… not that the iPhone is bad, but this cellphone has a different purpose.
Also just reminding that this won’t work as a replacement to HD camcorders or dSLR cameras… but it’s probably far nicer than most cellphone cams out there. HD video playback sounds nice too.

Source: PhoneArena.com via TechEBlog

Rong Zun 758 Razor Cellphone – Shaver

19 04 2009

Yes, it’s a chinese cellphone that also has a shaver…

No, I’m not kidding. And yes, I also don’t believe this is actually happening. 😛
Professor Barry Schwarts worst nightmares (or best jokes) becoming truth!

Source: Gizmodo

Samsung i8910HD YouTube Challenge

17 04 2009

An interesting viral ad for the new Samsung cellphone (OmniaHD) that does HD video, proposes this trick challenge:

I already know how he did it… do you?

Source: Gizmodo

iPhone/iPod Wolfenstein 3D Virtual Joystick

14 04 2009

Dunno about real applications using this neat app developed by Alex Winston, but it’s here anyways:

Wolfenstein 3D using two devices, one as a screen, the other one as a virtual joystick that uses the accelerometer to control the character.

All good… except Alex, maybe next time you’ll want to blow your nose before recording the video? *yuck*

Hope you recover from your flu though! 😛

Source: TechEBlog

iPhone – LCARS (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

18 03 2009

An iPhone theme that is shure to please Trekkies:

Source: Gizmodo

Samsung Cricket – Biggest Working Cellphone

17 03 2009

When it comes to cellphones, usually the competition is to make them smaller and thinner…

But Smasung and Cricket decided they wanted to do the opposite: Make the world’s biggest fully working cellphone! And it’s pretty neat!

Source: Gizmodo

Lewis Hamilton RC Office Grand Prix

13 03 2009

Dunno how much of this is true since it’s a viral ad video, but here, watch Lewis Hamilton controle a F1 car with a Blackberry Storm:

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