Migrating: The New XSpBlog!

2 08 2009

Dear readers, the blog is moving… for the best!
And it might be offline for 3 days tops, for address reallocation, starting later today!
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Going to: AnimeFriends 2009!

15 07 2009

Hello readers!
I’d like to use this post a little bit to thank all of you who keep reading this humble blog!

AnimeFriends 2009

AnimeFriends 2009

Now, for the announcement: I’m taking a bus today on a 7 hour trip to São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, to attend an Anime related convention called AnimeFriends.
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Xmas and New Year’s Leave!

14 12 2008

Friends, readers and countryman!
My year end trip routine starts today, and I felt I had to write to you!



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Emergency trip and grieving…

28 09 2008

Just to leave a note for dear readers… I’ll be absent for the next few days (even though the blog probably will proceed in normal activities)…



My uncle Sergio, who was fighting against cancer for some time now, passed away on the night of this past Saturday.

It’s hard to say something for my cousins in a moment of such pain, and I never know which words to choose in such times… but I believe that what matters most is to be near them, offering our support, and saying goodbye to my uncle who was held very dear in life.
The good memories will stay. May my uncle rest in peace.

Animes – Fall 2008

17 09 2008

All animes getting released Fall 2008 in one image.

Animes - Fall 2008

Animes - Fall 2008

Sources: Someone (dunno who MADE the chart… please tell me if you know) via partner Fabio-kun

AnimeXD – Curitiba – August, 8th, 2008

8 08 2008

Images from the first AnimeXD day!



August, 8th, 2008 – Curitiba.
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AnimeFriends 2008 – Going…

15 07 2008

Dear readers,
I’m leaving town to cover the AnimeFriends 2008 convention (biggest anime convention in Brazil)!

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

There’s a tiny chance the blog will be on halt for a week…
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