Wizard Defense

1 05 2009

Friend of mine sent me a link to this interesting tower defense browser game:

Wizard Defense

Wizard Defense

Still in beta stage, but nice graphics and easy gameplay.
To play, click the image or this link to Wizard Defense website!
First level is free to play, but you’ll have to make a free registration to play the second map… which isn’t a problem too.

Source: Friend Marcos via MSN Messenger

Mars TD Plus (Browser)

25 07 2009

Mars TD Plus, by Taro, is an awesome tower defense style game in which you have to defend your base from aliens.

Mars TD+

Mars TD+

It’s japanese, so you’ll find some japanese text in the middle.
But it’s fairly easy to understand and play the game even if you don’t know japanese, which is also my case.
I’ll try to help out with the stuff I already found out.
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Gratuitous Space Battles (PC)

8 07 2009

Gratuitous Space Battles (yep, that’s the name) kinda looks like a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, but it’s not… it’s more close to a tower defense style game.
Watch this awesome idea for a space game from indie developer Positech:

At the start of the round, you buy and manage your ship formation, and when the game begins, you only watch the battle happening.
Which is pretty nice for a space game.
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CannoDash – Ida (Browser)

19 06 2009

CannoDash, by Ida, is an interesting tower defense like game.



Different from other tower defense games though, the enemies starts coming after you right from the start.
And you have to stop them from killing you.
Click the image or this link to play it on the CannoDash’s author page!

Source: IndieGames

Vector Boom (Browser)

7 06 2009

Vector Boom from Hero Interactive is yet another addictive tower defense game in which you are a space station trying to defend yourself from enemy attacks.

Vector Boom

Vector Boom

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Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! (PSP)

14 05 2009

Very interesting game that kinda reminds me of Motherload (the design part at least):

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! is a game with an interesting concept that’s coming for the PSP.
You are actually the villain, and you must dig your way into the ground setting up monsters and obstacles so the hero doesn’t get to you.
It’s gameplay is very similar to Tower Defense-like games.
Oh, I must say I love the hero sprite… it’s very similar to the ones in Dragon Quest games! xD

Souce: Kotaku

Plants vs Zombies

13 05 2009

PopCap is at it again with this new game called Plant vs Zombies… and this cute music video:

Seems to be a tower defense game… but with cute plants and zombies instead!
Wanna know more about it? Check the official Plant vs Zombies website!

Source: Kotaku


5 02 2009

From the creators of Desktop Tower Defense, comes this new Flash game called Minions..



Minions kinda remind RTS (Real Time Stragegy) games, only you are in command of one unit alone.
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