Andrew Meyer – Don’t Tase me Bro Automaton

8 05 2009

A wooden automaton made with the meme “Don’t Tase me Bro” as subject.

I still didn’t write about this specific meme yet, though I already posted some topics related to it.
Mixing ancient toys/technology with very recent and niche stuff always produce interesting things… xD

Source: Gizmodo

Tase me Bro

28 03 2009

When do you know that the crisis is hitting hard?

One way is: When a japanese stun gun company’s president decides to advertise the effectiveness of their tasers by… trying them out on himself!
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Mythbusters – Tase me Bro!

26 03 2009

Did you ever had the curiosity to know how a stun gun would feel? Yeah, neither did I! xD

Luckly, for those who are curious, we have the Mythbuster guys (and you know, Jackass) to give us a very graphical view of how is it!
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